Mozilla’s VPN comes out of beta | Launches it for Windows and Android

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  • Mozilla’s VPN service is available for $4.99 in six countries including the US, UK, and Canada
  • It aims to make your browsing experience more private
  • It gives you up to five simultaneous connections

The maker of the open-source browser Firefox, Mozilla, has announced the launch of its VPN services. It is now available in Windows and Android in six countries – the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Mozilla has come up with its VPN services at a crucial time where users are trying to conceal their online activities and bypass geographical barriers for streaming services. 

Mozilla’s VPN has been actively experimenting since 2018 and beta-testing since 2019. Apart from its reputation for secure and private browsing, Mozilla’s VPN is banking on another important aspect which its competitors are struggling with. With the launch of this VPN service, it says that the users will be offered faster browsing experience. This is primarily because of a protocol that it uses which is less than one-third of the lines of code provided by an average VPN provider. This lean protocol coupled with a privacy-focused browser and an organization that only collects information necessary to run a service makes Mozilla VPN a very attractive option to use. 


As mentioned in its blog, it also has an extremely easy UI and no partnering with third-party analytics platforms who maintain a data log of your online activities. The beta tests in the US also included tests to ensure the efficiency of a VPN built directly into the Firefox browser. It doesn’t need any long-term contracts and is available for just $4.99 USD a month and also plans to expand to other countries. This VPN service is compatible with all Android devices and Windows 10 and will soon be launching for iOS and Linux devices.

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