Website X5 Review (Web Design Software) – Build a Website/Blog/Online Store in just 5 Steps

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Website X5 - Web Design Software

A website is the first point of contact and a direct link to a freelancer, blogger, or business establishment. Websites add authenticity to the brand image and help reach out to a wider range of audiences. But not everyone has the knowledge to develop websites. Paying developers may not be an option either. 

WebSite X5 is an easy and effective way to create a website on your own. Unlike other online platforms, WebSite X5 is an offline software that guides you from start to finish to build a website for blogging, business, or retail. 

Overview of Website X5 (Web Design Software)

WebSite X5 has been developed by Incomedia, a software development company that currently ranks in the Simple Website Builder worldwide category. Incomedia first released WebSite X5 in 2005. The software was brought in more than forty countries by 2006. The software is now used in more than 120 countries around the world. 

The company created a community for WebSite X5 and launched the professional version in 2013. WebSite X5 has been upgraded to suit the latest market trends. It offers a complete solution to build small to mid-sized websites, blogs, and online retail stores. 

Create a Website in Five Steps using Website X5

WebSite X5 helps you build a website in just five steps. The software currently works with Windows operating system only. 

#Step 1: Create a new project by entering the information about what kind of website you want. 

Create a new project

#Step 2: Choose a template from the existing list of options and customize it for your brand. 

Choose a template

#Step 3: Create the site map by adding the web pages. 

Add web pages

#Step 4: Add content easily (drag and drop the images, videos, text, etc.)

Add content

#Step 5: Publish the website by hosting it on Web Space (the web hosting service is free with the software). 

Publish Your Website

In case you get stuck, check out the detailed tutorials and blogs on the WebSite X5 website or contact customer support. 

Features of WebSite X5 

WebSite X5 has three editions- Go, Evo, and Pro. Go is for beginners, Evo is for professionals and bloggers, while Pro is for brands and eCommerce businesses. Those looking for SEO, site analytics, database integration, etc., should choose the Pro edition. 

Let’s look at the features offered by WebSite X5. 

→ Readymade Templates 

WebSite X5 offers around 140 templates to design a website in a quick time. You can customize the templates based on your requirements or build the website from scratch without using the templates.

→ Unlimited Projects

Once you buy the software, you can use it for any number of projects. Many professional web developers use WebSite X5 offline software to develop a responsive website for their clients. 

Drag and Drop Interface 

There is no coding involved in the process. You use the visual interface to build a website. Just drag and drop the features and content you want on your site. ‘


Today’s websites need to be designed for mobile phones. WebSite X5 creates websites that are mobile-friendly and look great on all devices. Rich user experience is guaranteed no matter which device your customers use to access the website. 

→ SEO Tools 

SEO is a vital part of digital marketing. Your website needs to be optimized for search engines to reach users from around the world. WebSite X5 comes with SEO tools to optimize the site for the target market.

→ Free Library of Images 

Are you worried about including licensed images on the website? Worry not. WebSite X5 comes with a huge library of free images to beautify your website. The software also offers forms, videos, social media buttons to link to your accounts and many additional features. 

→ Built-in Blog 

Do you want to add a blog section to your website? The software has built-in blog features with RSS feeds to help you with it. 

Ecommerce Tools 

Add products and sell them directly through the eCommerce website. Integrate the website with the inventory and customer database to manage your online stores with ease. 

Website X5 Pricing

Website X5 has 2 software packages for everyone

1.) Website X5 Evo (Easy and Perfect for anyone)8398.70 INR/month

  • 100 Customizable templates
  • Unlimited pages and projects
  • Drag and Drop builder
  • Responsive design
  • Basic Online Shopping Cart
  • Basic blog
  • SEO Functions
  • 100GB of Web Space
  • Automatic Domain
  • 1 mailbox

2.) WebSite X5 Pro (For successful businesses and stores)19,670.51 INR/month

  • Digital Product Sales
  • Managing discounts and coupons
  • Customer registration
  • Google AMP posts
  • Database Integration
  • Advanced SEO and Website analytics
  • Autodetect browser and language and resolution
  • Advanced Project Management and backup
  • Online Control panel
  • App Website X5 Manager
  • 500 GB of Web Space
  • 5 mailboxes

Both the above 2 software packages includes

→ Updates and new versions which are completely free for a lifetime

→ All queries are resolved on priority (100% assistance)

→ Domain and hosting for free

→ 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the tool

Pros and Cons


  • A vast range of templates to choose from 
  • Built-in functionalities for eCommerce and blogging
  • Good documentation and structuring 
  • Site analytics and SEO 
  • Drag and drop functionality 
  • Time-saving and easy to use 


  • Can work only with Windows OS 
  • No spell check 
  • Doesn’t have a WYSIWYG interface

Tech Specifications

  • Website X5 Software is available in different languages such as IT, EN, DE, ES, FR, BR, CZ, BG, DA, EL, HU, JP, LV, NL, PL, RU, SI, SK, TR
  • Support Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10, 11
  • Min. Screen Resolution 1024*720
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux Servers (PHP 7.1 and MySQL 5.6 for the few advanced features only)
  • You must have an internet connection & email account to activate the product

What do people say about Website X5?

people say about Website X5
people say about Website X5

Final Words 

WebSite X5 is fast, simple, and effective. It also comes with a license for hosting the website. You don’t have to find a web hosting service after building the website. The service comes with the software. WebSite X5 software comes in three editions to suit the varying requirements of professional and novice website developers. 

The company offers a free 15-day trial period with all features. Create websites using WebSite X5 in any of the nineteen languages supported by the software and build your brand online.