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Video Repair Tool

Video Repair Utility Tool for Flawless Play

Have you ever experienced a glitch in the video play while starting a movie or a small video clip saved in your PC or external USB drive?

If yes, then the video repair tool can be quite helpful in moving the clip seamlessly without any interruptions. It’s a matter of implementing a few steps and any technical problem can be fixed easily with video repair tool.

Whether the video file is with .mov, .mp4, .3GP, or .M4Vand those videos cannot be played in your media player, the video repair tools with essential functionalities get those run without any interruption and make sure it doesn’t get removed.

What Repair Exactly Means?

Repair means those portions of video or audio that can be repaired, applying steps that are not lost. The fully corrupt files might not get repaired as the portions can be fixed with video repair tool.

Stellar : The Best Video Repair Tool

Salient Attributes of Stellar Video Repair Tool

Here are several advanced features encapsulated in a video repair tool, which is
preferred by the unique choice of users.

Video Repair Software

video repair tool
Support All File Formats
video repair tool
Handy Tool with Simple GUI
No compromise with the quality
Preview features of video files

Benefits of Video Repair Tool

Here are the essential benefits of video repair tool which can persuade you to opt for
the utility software for repairing partial corrupt video files:

Technical Specification

About Product



Single User


Standard, Premium, & Technician

Language Supported

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian

Release Date

January, 2020

System Requirements




2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)

Operating System

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP and macOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7

Hard Disk

250 MB free space

Customer Review

The software doesn’t require configuration on your side: all you have to do is download it, accept the License Agreement, specify a destination path on your computer if you’re using the Windows version and follow on-screen instructions guiding you. The Mac version asks you to put it in the Applications folder. That’s it. Once you installed it, it shows a neat, user-friendly and minimalistic interface.

video repair tool

Clarissa Wolman

This software came as a rescue when I had no hope from the video editing softwares to remove flickering. It was very easy to use and fixed my videos in a few minutes

video repair tool

Lora Spielberg

Stellar Video Repair works fine, but I think there is a newer version out. Even the older version completely fixed movement corruption in my MOV files.I came to know about this from facebook page of techpcvipers.

video repair tool

Christopher Brown

Honestly, I wasn’t very much of a technical person. So, when I came across this I didn’t want to spend a penny. But the reviews of this software convinced me to go for it. It was a good decision. I’m satisfied with the overall performance and I think there isn’t any other software as good as this one on this.

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Best Video Repair Tool

Images bring you spellbound memories, but a good video clip of the same moments will make you remember those special moments forever. Sometimes you may get an error message stating that you can no more play the video for certain reasons, it is known fact that such type of interruptions will disappoint you. But we all know nothing is impossible in the technically advanced world, your corrupted videos can be repaired within no time using stellar phoenix video repair software. This digital video repair software fixes corrupted video within the fraction of seconds and renders a new video that can be viewed using any player.

Digital Video Repair Tool to Fix any Video quickly and easily:

Are you able to view the video but audio is not audible? Has the corrupted video file spoiled your entire good mood? Don’t think that it is an end; you will be able to play the file successfully by restoring it to original condition using corrupted video file repair tool. Thanks to the stellar data recovery application, it helps you to repair damaged video files in any common causes that lead to corruption. Whether your system is running on MAC or windows, now it is possible to save the repaired file to the desired location.

A video file is just a set of data where information is organized in such a way that players can open and read it. The file becomes unreadable if some parts of video file’s data are missed or disorganized. Stellar Phoenix video fixer re-arranges everything and brings back the file to normal condition. When the video repair is under process, you will be able to see the type of error that is restricting the file to play on your device. This innovative software can easily process MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, F4V and MOV files. There is no limit on the number of repairs; you can fix the unlimited number of video files simultaneously.

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If your videos are not responding and you can’t seem to play them successfully, don’t blame your mobile or player as there is a chance that they might have corrupted. In order to restore the original content, you will have to use corrupted video file repair tools like Stellar Phoenix Video Repair. One unique feature of this tool is it helps you to look at the preview of the repaired video before saving it into your device ensuring that all issues are resolved at first attempt itself.


Step2:- Select your corrupted video files and click on repair button to start repairing your files.


Step3:- Video files may take time to repair depending upon the file size.


Step 4:- Once all your video files are repair you can check the preview and save your repaired video files.


If you apply above four steps as mentioned above i’m sure all your video files are repaired.

Get to know about various hardware requirements and compatibility factors that should be considered before installing stellar video repair on your desktop or laptop, there is a good chance that the software will work well if the below-mentioned criteria are met.

Final Conclusion

Stellar Video Repair is equipped with a lot of new innovative features that can help in repairing slightly damaged videos automatically. Don’t worry about safety and security while downloading the stellar video fixer; you can save it directly into your system without conducting antivirus and malware check. But there are certain limitations; this software cannot be installed on android or iOs phones. You can transfer the damaged video files from your handheld gadgets to your windows operating system or MAC. Once the video gets fixed, you can send back the new file to your phone’s memory. Files stored on hard drive or memory card can be processed easily