Nox Player for Your PC: Best Android Emulator to play Android Games

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Android is unquestionably is the most sought after OS for smartphones boasting the largest variety of apps and games, making it a favourite destination for gamers. However, what if don’t have an Android device? Don’t worry, you can still get Android gaming experience on your Windows or Mac PC or laptop with Nox Player.

How? The answer is Android Emulator.

Android emulators allow gamers to install and run Android-specific apps on a larger screen. You can simply download and use apps on the Google Play store on your PC. Emulators are also known as ‘app player’ precisely because they enable you to play applications of the Android device on your computer.

Now there are many Android emulators for PC available in the marketplace. But, choosing the best free Android emulator for PC may be a puzzling task. Hence, I will solve this puzzle for you by introducing you to my tried and tested Android emulator. Let’s get started.

How Do Android Emulators Work?

Emulators are tools that simulate or act like the hardware and operating system of other devices. Emulators provide you with a virtual console in which you can install apps and games available in the original Android device. These fabulous simulators can be used to play games on a larger screen of your PC. They develop and test your own Android apps before launching them. You can even use it to check out Android if you are looking to buy a device.

Best Android Emulator: Nox Player

nox player

Nox Player is an Android emulator especially meant for gamers. Nox Player works perfectly for experiencing Android apps. However, it is best suited for gamers like me who are looking for playing high graphics-oriented games like PUBG or Fortnite.

Nox Player claims of class-leading performance and advanced features. For me, what differentiated Nox Player Emulator from others is that it’s completely free. And its also hosts no sponsored ads at all. As I spent some time with it, I fell in love with it and my newfound gaming experience that it provided me.

What Does Nox Player Offer?

Ease of Use

The Nox Player makes it super-easy for you to map keys of Keyboard, Mouse, and Gamepad to make the interface convenient for you. Its inbuilt support for Google Play Store lets you just drag and drop APKs directly to the app to install them.

Personalised Experience

Nox Player offers a “simulate touch” functionality also known as keyboard mapping. This feature enhances your gaming experience by letting you create personalised keyboard keys for gestures like shortcut for swiping left.


The multiplayer feature lets you run multiple simulations of Android at the same time. Also, the “script record” function in Nox Player lets you record complex operations through the Macro Recorder, so that you can replay them later to automate an action.


Nox Player gives the flexibility to allocate the CPU and RAM usage in the settings option to get the best gaming experience. Also, a differentiating factor of Nox Player is that running multiple simulations doesn’t occupy too much RAM or CPU like other Android emulators.

Free and Safe

Along with being absolutely free, Nox Player in agreement with the GDPR takes utmost care about the privacy of your personal information and is committed to protecting it.

Final Words

As you know, there is no dearth of Android emulators out there, with the advancement of the internet world. But, it solely depends on your motive and preferences. It may be as simple as playing games or can be developing and testing a game. You may be looking for a heavy performance or considering a lightweight system. You may also be a tech novice, and, hence, looking for an easy interface to download and enjoy apps.

These factors should largely influence your choice of Android emulator. If you feel that the above-mentioned features are something you are good with, then Nox Player Android emulator is a tried and tested tool. Do give Nox Player a try, and its great user-interface and performance features will get you the best experience ever.