Functionfox Review: Cloud based Online Timesheet and Project Management Platform

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Managing workflow can be time-consuming and effort-intensive. Keeping track of the time spent on a project and updating the latest changes to the system is boring but necessary administrative work. Despite you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or an employee, you can’t get away from this. 

However, with the right software tool, you can simplify the process and have better control over the time and money you spend on a project. By streamlining the workflow, you’ll be more productive and better equipped to deal with crises. Moreover, it helps keep the communication flowing for team collaborations. 

FunctionFox is an online time tracking and project management software with an array of features to help you effectively manage your work projects. It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer or a part of an in-house team in a mid-sized enterprise. FunctionFox can assist in organizing the project and finishing it as per the schedule. 

Highlights of FunctionFox 

✓ Ease of set up and use 

✓ Affordability 

✓ Flexibility 

✓ Scalability 

✓ Software as a Service (SaaS)

✓ Regular updates 

✓ No new to buy new hardware 

✓ Cross-platform compatibility 

✓ Web-based software application

✓ High-security storage and backup 

How FunctionFox Works?

FunctionFox comes in flexible packages to suit the varying requirements of each professional. The features and add-ons can be adjusted based on what the person/ enterprise wants. The company has created multiple versions of the software to help professionals choose the one that’s the best fit for their projects and budget. The company even promises a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

General Features Account Customization: Add preferences and make changes to the account to suit your business and project requirements. 

Address Book: Use the address book to add the client and vendor details in one place and access them anytime. 

Mobile Access: The web-based software can be used on mobile phones from any location. All you need is an internet connection. 

Custom Status: Add your preferred statuses for the projects instead of selecting from the existing list. 

Group Calendar Personalization: Add events, meetings, and appointments to the personal and group calendar. Make sure that you or your team don’t miss anything important. 

FunctionFox Products

1.) Time Tracking Features 

Estimate and Budget Tracker: Don’t worry about going over your budget. The tracker will keep you updated at all times. 

CEO Desktop Dashboard: Access all features, reports, and project details from the dashboard. Compare the estimates and actual figures, generate data charts, and more.  

Stopwatch Timer: Use the timer to know the exact time spent by a team member on the project. No more guesswork or rounding off. 

Employee Timesheets: Maintain individual timesheets for each employee involved in the project. Know who’s working on which project and how long it’ll take to complete the work. 


Invoices and Quotes: Add the time and cost-related information to create invoices and estimate quotes.

2.) Reporting Solutions  

Project Report: Generate detailed project reports with the client, employee, task, estimate, and related information. 

Team Productivity Report: How efficiently is your team working on the project? Generate a report to know. 

Status and Schedule Reports: What’s the current status of the project? Is it going as per the schedule? 

Report Builder Customization: Do you want to add more elements and fields to the report? Go ahead and customize the report builder. 

3.) Communication Tools 

Email Alerts: Get an email each time a team member comments on the project. Don’t miss a single update. 

Flink Document Exchange: An exclusive FunctionFox add-on feature that allows in-house teams to share project details with ease. 

4.) Project Management Features 

Expense Tracking: Track the money spent on each project. 

Task Delegation: Assign tasks and roles to every team member. 

Project Timelines: Complete the projects on time and ensure that the schedules don’t overlap. 

Project Gantt Chart: Know the project schedule with just a glance through the Gantt chart. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Wonderful customer support 
  • Easy report generation 
  • Excellent for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Simple and efficient dashboard 
  • Great budget tracker 
  • Data exporting is hassle-free 
  • Flexible price plans 


  • Searchability and segmenting issues 
  • Integration with CRM system or QuickBooks could be better
  • A much more simplified UI could be helpful 

FunctionFox Pricing Plans

FunctionFox has the below pricing plans which is simple and affordable

1. Classic ($3.50 per month per user) – Timesheet and Project Tracking

  • Stopwatch Feature
  • Unlimited Clients and Projects
  • Estimate and Tracking for Budget Control
  • Retainer Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reports

2. Premier ($7 per month per user) – Advanced Project Management

All Features of Classic plan + 

  • Actionable To-Do Lists
  • Gantt Chart Schedule
  • Blog for Internal Communication
  • Availability and Traffic Reports

3. In-House ($14 per month per user) – For Creative Teams

All Classic and Premier Features + 

  • Custom Job Intake forms
  • Unlimited custom job fields
  • Email Alerts for New Requests
  • Advanced Report Builder

For more details on pricing, click here

NOTE:- If you are a non-profit organization or an academic institution, feel free to reach out FunctionFox team for special pricing.

Final Conclusion 

Be it scheduling, budget and time tracking, generating reports, or sharing the data with the team members, FunctionFox is the best project management software to improve productivity and is best suited for creative agencies and professionals. While the software does allow for integration with QuickBooks Desktop but cannot be used for accounting, it offers several features that help enterprises effectively manage their projects.