5 Best Data Erasure Software Of 2020 [Tested] Recovery Impossible

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Imagine you are in a situation where you want to sell your computer. No matter the reason, you might want to erase all the data before selling it. Your computer may contain a lot of sensitive information and you may want to wipe them completely. Deleting data alone won’t be helpful as data recovery tools can be used to restore the lost data. Hence it is important to completely wipe the data in a way that it cannot be restored. 

There are lots of data erasure software that help in wiping the data completely using multiple techniques. To wipe hard drive data, a low-level format is performed where the entire disk is rewritten with 0’s. Another technique is where junk data is rewritten over and over again to remove any traces of the actual data. Both these techniques are effective to wipe hard drive data.

These super erasers will protect your data from unauthorized access and also ensure privacy when you sell or share your laptop. With this, it becomes important to weigh the data erasure software and understand the best ones based on their credibility and features. 

Top 5 Data Erasure Tools To Wipe Data (Secure & Certified)

Data Erasure software

Data erasure is a software-based data sanitization technique that is not only cost-effective but also very efficient in destroying data. We now bring to you some of the best software that helps you protect sensitive information that you want to destroy from your computer or a storage device. 

1. DoYourData Super Eraser

DO Your Data Super Eraser

Trusted by millions of users, DoYourData is an award-winning data erasure software that permanently erases data present in your hard drive or storage device. It erases data easily not only from computers and hard drives but also from other devices like USBs, RAIDs, servers, memory cards, SD cards, external hard disks, and digital cameras. It destroys and erases the selected data without leaving any trace and also without affecting the life of the device. 

This powerful tool can selectively erase files and folders, wipe hard drive data, erase history, and clean up your system by uninstalling unwanted programs. They make use of certified data erasure algorithms and are compatible with both organizations as well as individuals. 

What We Like

  • 100% Safe & Clean
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee if data recovered after erasure
  • Free Lifetime updates
  • Trusted and Reliable App

2. BitRaser Drive Eraser


Another certified data erasure tool is BitRaser, a product of Stellar, that can be used for all kinds of storage media. It complies with the international data erasure standards and also provides a tamperproof certificate of erasure.

One of its key features is its flexibility to integrate with the cloud. This helps in cloud-based erasure utility suited for institutions and service providers. It is also scalable which means you can erase up to 32 hard drives simultaneously. In fact, you can also use its services without the internet in offline mode where the tool is shipped in USBs. 

3. Blancco

Blanco File erasure

Blancco is another popular data erasure software used for erasing data from all kinds of storage devices. This is commonly used by businesses and organizations as they support over 22 data erasure standards. 

Apart from wiping data from storage devices, they can also remove data from drives, LUNs, VMs, and servers as well. Blancco also provides tamper-proof certificates to meet compliance requirements. It is very much suitable for ITADs, data centers, and enterprises processing large amounts of data. 

4. Ontrack Data Erasure Solution


Next in this list is a reliable and secure data erasure software – Ontrack. Just like the others, Ontrack can also be used on any data storage media. Apart from DIY data erasure software, they also provide in-house services to ensure complete erasion of data. They also provide tamper-proof reports regarding successful and clean data erasure to comply with audit requirements. It also conforms to industry standards and is approved by the likes of NATO, DoD, and INFOSEC amongst others. 

5. Parted Magic’s Secure Erase


Secure Erase is another resourceful tool used to wipe hard drive data. It works seamlessly with all storage devices. This tool is very interactive as it provides a progress bar, a confirmation dialog box, and also a result dialog box. With this, erasing the wrong drive becomes difficult as you have to tick the checkbox “I allow this utility to erase the listed device”. This makes the whole process super safe. 

Final Thoughts

A data erasure software will be very helpful in tricky situations such as data breach and privacy concerns. In spite of the encryption efforts, data erasure is very important, especially when discarding or selling off your device. It is also a safe, convenient, and reliable way to protect your data from being mishandled. All the above-mentioned tools are super erasers and comply with international standards. They also provide tamper-proof reports or certificates authorizing data erasure to meet the data protection compliances. We have compiled some of the best options that won’t fail you. It’s time to choose!