5 Best POS Systems for Startups & Small Businesses to use in 2023 

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POS (point of sale) software automates inventory management, sales, and accounts for retailers and eCommerce business owners. The software allows the management and employees to streamline purchases from different platforms (using different payment methods) and update the information in the database

From managing customers to running loyalty programs and generating invoices to pay vendors, the software offers a variety of features. While some POS solutions are scalable, some are designed to be effective for small and medium retailers. 

In this post, we check out the five best POS software for small businesses in 2023. Let’s see why these software tools are considered the best in the market.  


KORONA POS is developed by Combase, a US-based POS software development company. The software can be used by retailers, eCommerce business owners, multi-store owners, small businesses, and ticketing agencies. 

Korona POS

The software has extensive features like CRM, loyalty programs, payment management, inventory management, loss prevention, cloud access, integration with cash registers and hardware (like POS machines), reporting, and analytics. The software is scalable and can be used to collect data from franchises and multiple stores under the same brand. The reports and dashboard can be customized to suit the business requirements. 

KORONA POS is available in four price plans, starting from $59/ month. The company offers one month free on annual billing. It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and an unlimited free trial. Clients have access to 24*7 customer support and software updates. 

2.) TouchBistro

TouchBistro is an all-in-one POS solution built for restaurants, café, etc. The company was founded in 2010 to help restaurant owners simplify their workload and business activities. The software is used in more than 29K restaurants from different parts of the world. The POS software saves time, money, and energy. It helps in increasing sales and generates more revenue. 


TouchBistro also offers add-on products to streamline restaurant operations (reservations, loyalty programs, marketing, etc.) and customer management (gift cards, online orders, etc.). The solution can be integrated with third-party apps, databases, and software tools to create a completely automated system. 

The software is available at a starting price of $69/ month. The actual price depends on the business requirements and customizations. From tableside ordering to menu management, floor plan management, staff management, and reporting & analytics, TouchBistro offers everything a restaurant needs. 

3.) Clover

Clover is a comprehensive POS software designed to improve business operations and make it easier to run an establishment. Flexibility and customization are the two core aspects of Clover. The software is also available as a mobile app, Clover Go, with $49 as the starting price. 


Clover is used by retailers, eCommerce business owners, etc., to accept online orders, create invoices, accept payments, track sales, generate reports and analytics, manage cash flow, and increase customer engagement. The POS software can be used to set discounts and offer deals. 

The company works with each client to create a customized plan. There are no standard plans to choose from. The pricing is varied for every business. Moreover, clients can pay monthly instead of blocking their money in annual billing. 

4.) Sapaad

Sapaad is a POS and restaurant management software with 4+ star ratings on major review sites. It is a cloud-based delivery management system that can be integrated with existing applications to streamline the operations in a restaurant. 


The software has an extensive list of features. It covers all elements like the ordering system, kitchen display, customer engagement, real-time dashboard update, logistics/ delivery management, connecting to third-party delivery partners, hardware and device support, employee management, cloud printing, and much more. 

Sapaad offers a 14-day free trial and a scalable pricing system. Businesses can choose between monthly, yearly (3 months free), or the 2-year plan (12 months free) billing. The monthly plan costs $59 for one outlet. The pricing changes based on the number of outlets. 

5.) Toast

Toast is a POS software with more than 74,000 restaurants using the platform globally. It has a full offline mode that allows restaurant owners to run their businesses without interruptions. The software can help reduce third-party commissions by up to 80%. 


The software has several features to automate and manage orders, menus, bookings, delivery, and more. It also offers add-ons like mobile order & pay, marketing, partner connect, scheduling team meetings, etc. 

Toast has a free starter kit plan with access to cloud software. It offers three paid plans, starting at $29/ month. There’s a special package plan for new restaurants. Contact 24*7 customer support for more information. 

 Final Conclusion 

The best POS software depends on your business niche, volume, and specifications. Consider your target market, budget, and the features offered by the software before making the final decision. 

With customer satisfaction becoming a priority, small businesses have to use advanced software tools and applications that combine all processes on a single interface and create a seamless workflow.