Quality Web Scraping Services for a Cost-effective Price using Scraping Robot

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Why spend hundreds of dollars on buying lead lists that may not even be useful for your business? Scraping data from websites can give you access to raw and unstructured information, which can be found nowhere else. 

By automating data scraping and process the data to structure it in various formats, you can use it to understand leads and provide them with what they want. This will help in increasing the conversion rate and bring more growth opportunities for the business

Scraping data from websites can be an easy job when you use the right method. Scraping Robot is one such powerful and cost-effective platform that offers high-quality web scraping services. 


Scraping Robot is a data scraping company located in the US. The company handles numerous web scraping projects for various business enterprises. The company collects data and structures it in a way that is useful for your business. Scarping Robots offers round-the-clock support and countless modules to collect data from as many sources as possible. 

Scraping Robot

You can use the data for marketing, financial reports, sales, and data analytics. 

How Scraping Robot Works?

The process is simple and takes just five steps-

How Scraping Robot Works

Step#1. Sign up to the company’s web scraping services.

Step#2 The company accesses a large pool of IP addresses, thanks to its partnership with Blazing SEO.

Step#3 Then the company scraps data from the IP addresses. 

Step#4 After web scraping is done, the company returns the IP addresses to Blazing SEO. This allows the platform to pay only for the time taken for data scraping. (That’s how it offers such low-cost services). 

Step#5 For additional requests, the company will access the IP addresses again in the same method. The process continues in a cycle. 

Scraping Modules 

Scraping Modules

The company already offers around a dozen scraping modules (with submodules for each website). The support team can create customized modules in case you need something the platform is currently not offering. The following are some of the scraping modules available-

  • Google Modules- Google Scraper and Google Places Scraper 
  • Indeed Modules- Indeed Job Scraper, Company Review Scraper, Salary Scraper 
  • Amazon Scraper- compare product prices on all marketplaces of Amazon.  
  • HTML Scraper- enter any URL and get data. 
  • Instagram Scraper- enter username and get details such as follower count, likes, comments, etc. 
  • Facebook Scraper- get general information like Username, Rating, Recommendations, Likes, Follows, Check-ins, URL, Timestamp, Comment, Shares, Reactions using the username or Facebook Page URL
Facebook Scraping
  • Walmart Product Scraper- Enter Walmart Product URL to gather data on product descriptions, titles, pricing.
Walmart Product Scraping
  • AliExpress Product Scraper- get general details of products in AliExpress. 
AliExpress Scraper
  • eBay Product Scraper- get general details (name & price) of products on eBay. 
  • Twitter Profile Scraper
  • Home Depot Product Scraper- get general details (name, description, & price) of products on Home Depot. 
  • Wayfair Product Scraper- get general details (name, description, & price) of products on Wayfair. 
  • Crunchbase Company Scraper- get company details such as about us, location, number of employees, etc. 
  • Yellowpages Scarper- get data from business listings (name, address, phone number, working hours).  

You can also connect to Scraping Robot API by accessing the documentation through the website. Check out the Demo section to understand how web scraping projects work and what you can do with that collected data. 



Scarping Robot offers 5000 free scrapes per month for those who sign up for its services. 

  • The cost of each scrape is around $0.0018 for every website. You can choose the price package based on the number of scrapes you utilize per month. 
  • The package starts from $9 for 5000 scrapes/month. 
  • The price for 100,000/month is $180. 
  • For more scrapes, contact the support team. They will create a custom price plan for your needs. 

There are no hidden costs or subscription fees. You only pay for the number of scrapes to utilize every month. 

Final Conclusion 

In a world where personalized services create the most impact on the customers, don’t spend your valuable money on outdated lists. Automated web scraping services will provide you accurate data in real-time. 

Scraping Robot is an effective and budget-friendly platform that will help your business grow in this competitive market. 

Using this tool you will get 5000 scrapes completely free on sign up so we highly recommend you to do the complete testing before you invest in web scraping world.

Do you need any help ? Please directly contact to Scraping Robot team at support@scrapingrobot.com  which is available 24/7 to assist you.

Happy Scraping…