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Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow better communication through translator apps and software. Even if people can speak only their native language, the AI-based translator can translate it into different languages and help people interact with each other. 

What about documents and business translations? After all, there’s a difference between translating speech and translating complex text with heavy jargon, isn’t it? This job belonged to human translators who use their experience to ensure maximum accuracy in the translated document. What if they can be assisted by AI-based translation software? What if human translators can simply fine-tune the final document instead of slogging over it for days and weeks? 

AI translations are faster and more efficient in translating large amounts of information. Founded by entrepreneurs Matija Kovač and Marko Hozjan in 2017 Taia Translations LTD has created a perfect solution for businesses to translate their business documents without compromising quality. 

Overview of Taia Translations

The Taia platform serves as a one-stop-shop for various translation needs, ranging from machine translation up to advanced human translations. Taia consists of two products, a subscription-based SaaS tool called Catapult that allows clients to do their own translating and a Taia translation platform, where clients can choose to get their translations done by professionals.

Services Offered by Taia 

Taia Translations LTD offers a range of self-servicing and human translations for business organizations. 

➢ Legal Translations (standard certifications, notaries, apostille documents, etc.)

➢ Various document translations (official, academic, fiction, non-fiction, manuals, technical, and many more)

➢ Software translations (games, mobile and desktop apps, etc.)

➢ Subtitle translation (translate subtitles for videos)

➢ Interpretations (consecutive, on-site, large-scale meetings, on phone, on video, simultaneous, etc.)

➢ Proofreading all kinds of translated documents for maximum accuracy 

➢ Transcription (translate from audio/ video content)

➢ Voice over (for different types of business videos)

➢ API integration (automated translations for faster, efficient, and effective results) 

Catapult by Taia 

Catapult is the AI-supported CAT (computer assisted translation) tool developed by Taia to help people translate faster. Files are pre-translated by AI so the human translator only needs to verify translations.

The biggest advantage of using Catapult is that it lets you build a Private Translation Memory (TM) where previous translations are stored to speed up the process and shorten the delivery time all the while improving the quality of translations. Users can also add their own personal glossary and use the existing data in the public TM to get faster and better results. 

What’s more, Catapult can accept up to 64 different types of file formats. You can upload any of the popular documents (doc, pdf, html, ppt, srt…), and the online tool will translate it for you in a few minutes. 

Catapult can translate to 97 languages and is available in four price packages. The free version translates up to 2000 words per month and is suitable for individual/ personal use. You can choose between the Starter, Professional, and Business plans to self-translate business documents using the latest technology. The company offers a 20% discount on yearly subscriptions.

Benefits of using Taia and AI-based Translators 

Why are AI translators becoming popular in the industry? Why do businesses and customers want to use technology for translations? 

  • AI-based translators are fast. The software can give results in a few minutes, if not in seconds. It saves time for users. You can translate more documents in less time.
  • It’s easy to translate multiple languages using the software. There’s no need to contact different translators for different languages. 
  • Online tools can be accessed from any device as long as you have an internet connection. You can work on the go. 
  • It’s easier to use the platform than search for a reliable human translator, especially for reliable freelancers.
  • AI translations are also available for free. With the free version, users can try it out before paying. Moreover, the cost of translation depends on the nature, volume, and complexity of the documents. This allows for flexible pricing. 

Taia Professional Services

Taia has more than 600 human translators with a minimum of five years of experience. The projects are assigned to translators based on their expertise and the project’s requirements. Taia provides translation services in 97 languages and 160 language pairs. 

The company’s specialty lies in working on bulk business document translations and delivering accurate results. The range of services offered by Taia ensures that you don’t need to hire any other company to handle business-related transactions. 

For example, Taia has a pricing system where the quote for the project is decided based on the languages, timeline, volume of work, and the content of the documents. Users have the option to wait and pay less. In fact, the Taia platform has been designed to charge less for more translations. That means the more you translate, the lesser will be the charge for the next projects. 

Pros and Cons


  • Taia is simple and straightforward to use
  • The platform’s interface is user-friendly
  • Personalized pricing for flexibility and cost-effectiveness
  • Different translation services to choose from 
  • Option to choose the project delivery timeline


  • Cannot place rush / immediate orders

Final Conclusion

Professional Translation and localization services for all industries in 97 languages using AI Translators.

Select Taio.io as your next translation partner which is a ISO certified company and known for delivering quality work.

Taio team is available 24/7 for any kind of assistance.

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