5 Best Affiliate tracking software of 2018 – Manage Affiliate Programs

Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 01:42 am

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Today we are going to understand “What is the best tracking software of 2018″.
In today’s Era “Make Money Online” – These three words you hear all the time whether at home or office and it’s one of the biggest challenge for everyone how you can make money online although there are plenty of part-time business ideas available but affiliate marketing made simple and easy hence you need to understand the marketing techniques and create a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most successful business models as 20% of the overall business comes through affiliate marketing for every brand but you need a sturdy affiliate tracking software in order to measure the performance of affiliates as all assiduous is done by affiliates so if they didn’t get any reward then they will not perform hence today we have decided to review top affiliate software.

Below are the various types of Online Ad Models you are able to hear in Affiliate World:-

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
Cost Per Click (CPC)
Cost Per Impression
Cost Per Sale
Cost Per Install

What is Affiliate Tracking Software ?

To manage an affiliate program you need an affiliate software where affiliates are going to sign up as a publisher, run the campaign of the advertiser and make a commission. A dedicated account manager will distribute a tracking link, marketing material to affiliates and affiliate will generate sales and get the commission.

A lot of popular affiliates networks are there which are very old in the market like ShareASale, Commission Junction, but they are very much expensive hence one should develop an own affiliate program or used the ones that we have reviewed.

Affiliate Tracking Software

5 Best Affiliate Software of 2018.


Affise is now the leading affiliate marketing platform built to serve advertisers, marketers, and publishers to kickstart and run their own networks. Founded in 2015 with the mission to change established rules and transform the traditional vision on affiliate marketing, the team of professionals is creating best-in-class products that form a complete affiliate ecosystem. Affise is a robust affiliate marketing platform, meeting the requirements of both small businesses that need enough room for growth or large enterprises that require a versatile platform to incorporate into their processes.

    • Automation tools, including CPAPI to grab the offers for reselling from 40+ biggest traffic sources within just a few clicks, and SmartLinks to optimize your advertising campaigns
    • Smart targeting with 15+ data points, that helps you tap into specific markets and increase conversion rates
    • 100% Fraud Protection
    • Simplified Payouts to send out your affiliates’ commission in multiple currencies in an accurate and timely manner
    • Real-time statistics with over 49 slices (breakdowns) providing you with the data you can trust
    • 24/7 technical support and a devoted Customer Success Manager.

Founded in 204 ThriveTracker is the best tracking platform for media buyers in the affiliate industry known for speed. One of the best campaign management platform for Business owners, Entrepreneurs to view all offers and traffic sources from a single dashboard.

Take 30 days free trial and test the software.


Has offers in tune is one of the favorite tracking software used by thousands of advertisers and publishers all over the world. Now easily manage client’s campaign, collaterals, invoices and payouts with Hasoffers.

All popular names such as Vcommission, Social Living, and Zynga are using Has offers to track the campaign performance.

Features of Hasoffers
Two way API
Fraud Protection
A dedicated account manager to help you 24/7
Currency Conversion
Add unlimited affiliates

HasOffers give you 30 days free trial option and the if you want to purchase then you can select Professional, Enterprise and Custom plan according to your requirements.

4. IDEV DIRECT (Started in 1999)

Create your own army of affiliates with IDev Affiliate at a price of just $39 per month. The platform is easy to understand.with all the latest technologies and responsive as well. With more than 15 years of experience, IDev Affiliate is the leading affiliate marketing software used by Advertisers & Agencies across the globe.

Why Choose IDev?

  • No transaction fees
  • No hidden fees
  • Upgrades are available at a free of cost
  • Unlimited use of any feature

Contact Sales Team located in southern California – Toll-Free No:- 800-976-4318

5. TAPFILIATE (Started in 2014)

Cloud-based affiliate tracking software – Best for Ecommerce and Saas business. If you are to create your own affiliate program then without even thinking for a minute you can go for Tapfiliate which is available at a 14 days free trial.

Features of Tabfiliate:-
Create and launch your own affiliate – Add banners, set up your commission, start recruiting affiliates
Set the different commission for each product and option of recurring commission is also available
Multi-Level Marketing – Increase your networking with Affiliates by Multi-tier affiliate program. Give commission to affiliates for recruiting new affiliates.
Fraud Detection
One Click Social Share
An awesome dashboard and tools

Final Conclusion

We have a team of affiliate experts who have more than 10 years of experience into affiliate marketing and recently they decided to review best affiliate tracking software that could help advertisers, publishers and marketer to set up and run the desktop, mobile and web campaigns from one single dashboard.