Everything You Need to Know about Bangkok Affiliate Conference 2019

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An affiliate conference is an international-level event conducted in various parts of the world observing a big gathering of leading personalities and influential e-commerce marketers to share mastermind-level content on stage.

One significant upcoming affiliate event is going to take place in Bangkok as a part of Affiliate World Asia. The conference will be a two-day conference on December 4-5 2019.

Although you might have missed the earlier affiliate marketing conferences, we bring to you the opportunity to know everything about the Bangkok Affiliate Conference 2019.

Why Attend Bangkok Affiliate Conference 2019

The affiliate conference is specially designed for performance marketers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, ad networks, traffic sources and tracking solutions providers.

Through this platform, you can get to network with the industry’s brightest minds, absorb mastermind-level content, and find creative ideas on how to grow your business and improve your personal brand.

We see an increasing number of affiliate marketing conferences and the simultaneous surge in the number of attendees. The clear reason is that you won’t find a truly talented leader exchanging affiliate advice and tips on any forum thread or through popular online courses. So, this affiliate world becomes an offline meeting place for the world’s top influential marketers and leading e-commerce entrepreneurs. It is a wonderful platform where you can tap into an ocean of information like:

• Knowing about the latest changes in your particular domain
• Learning about unobvious tips and tricks to increase your ROI
• Getting inspiration and visualize aim for what you doing
• Making contacts with top professionals in the sphere
• Scoring some good bonuses or discounts from companies
• Over 15-hours of expert information
• Around 3,000+ attendees to interact and exchange opinions
• Witnessing biggest affiliate networks, ad networks and agencies

Tips for Bangkok Affiliate Conference 2019 Attendees

Before you plan to give an appearance, here are a few important tips to help you to gain the maximum out of the Bangkok Affiliate Conference 2019.

  1. Get your social media profiles ready.
  2. Get a business card.
  3. Take a short note of the people you want to meet at the event. And make sure to do some good research on their profiles and achievements before approaching.
  4. Formulate a 30-second pitch for yourself. It’s very important to have an impressive and confident introduction and your objective behind attending the conference.
  5. Carry a small note with yourself to take down the useful tips and tricks.
  6. Be proactive in networking with quality individuals.
  7. Attend after-parties. You may find some excellent network of people matching your interest.
  8. After going back from the enriching event, don’t forget to follow up and stay in touch with the people you met at the conference.

So, don’t miss the epic event along with the opportunity of witnessing prominent speakers like Tan brothers of e-commerce Elites Mastermind, Neil Patel of Crazy Egg & Hello Bar, Simon Mader of Adbaker, to name a few. Buy tickets now!

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