Affiliate Manager Responsibilities – Why you need an Affiliate Manager?

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Have you ever wondered what are the roles and responsibilities of an Affiliate Manager?

Do you know that 20% of the overall business for any brand generated through Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Manager Responsibilities

Today we are going to discuss the Affiliate Manager Responsibilities:-

  1. Review and Approve Pending Applications

Affiliate Manager should daily check the pending affiliates/publishers in the affiliate program and approve or reject after checking the website.

What should you check before approving?

  • Check whether the website is live.
  • Check who owns the website and business address.
  • Check social media accounts to know more about your publisher.
  • Website Domain Authority (DA) and Alexa Ranking.
  • Connect with an affiliate on skype and discuss if possible before approving.
  1. Check Emails

Some affiliates need a coupon code, marketing collaterals, tracking URLs, offer details to promote the product or they may be looking for other offers which are really doing well so you need to regularly check your inbox and respond to affiliate queries hence you must have very good communication skills.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”point-right” wrap=”i”] Attention!!  If you do not respond you will miss an opportunity to grow your affiliate program.

  1. Skype Chat with Affiliates

Add all your affiliates on skype to avoid daily discussion on email and regularly discuss with them about your offer

For example

Hey (Affiliate Name)

How are you doing?

We have xxxxx offers, Geo – Global, Commission – 30%

Would you be interested in promoting?


  1. Affiliate Recruitment

To grow your affiliate program you need to regularly onboard new affiliates and get your offer live with them.

Affiliate Managers spend most of the time in searching for new affiliates and getting them onboard. Sending emails and tracking responses so that you can timely chase your affiliates again, activation of affiliates who applied for your affiliate program and sending them welcome email are the some of the basic tasks you need to perform when doing affiliate recruitment. Also, you need to activate your dormant affiliates.

  1. Uploading Fresh Marketing Collaterals

Uploading fresh banners/creatives, designing seasonal banners and informing the affiliates to update the same can help you to grow your affiliate program.

  1. Reporting

Creating daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports is another job of affiliate manager to check and measure the growth of overall affiliate business.

  1. Compliance Policy

You need to follow certain compliances being an Affiliate Manager

Let’s check

  • Coupon Usage – You need to take permission from Affiliate Business Head before you create a coupon and send to affiliates.
  • Informed to affiliates about restricted traffic source like “No brand bidding is allowed“
  • Content Auditing of your affiliate’s website – Make sure affiliates don’t copy the content.
  • Brand Misuse – Make sure your affiliates don’t use their brand name before your product if you find such thing then you need to immediately send an email to the affiliate.

Final Conclusion

Are you a new Affiliate Manager?

Don’t know the roles and responsibilities of Affiliate Manager. Follow the above tips before you start working as an Affiliate Manager.

You can send email to if you have any questions.