ThriveTracker is the Best Tracking Platform for Media Buyers

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Thrive Tracker

If you’re working in the performance marketing industry (or considering doing so), you know tracking is everything. Tracking is what allows everyone to collect a check.

Performance Marketing is huge, encompassing billions of dollars spent each year, and it’s only growing bigger as time goes on. This incredible growth is powered by, in many ways, the advancements being made in tracking. Advertisers and publishers are better prepared now more than ever before to make smarter decisions with their media buying strategies, but that doesn’t happen without the insight provided by a tracking platform.

When it comes time to pick the best tracking platform (or reevaluate what you’re using now), you would be smart to look at ThriveTracker. Dubbed by many as “The Ultimate Campaign Management Solution for Affiliates”, this platform boasts an impressive combination of technology and service to make their case as your new best friend.

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Speed is King in Performance Marketing

In today’s world, every technology provider is working hard to keep improving the speed of their products and solutions. The faster their performance, the happier the customer. This is no different!

A tracking platform is employed to help gather insight data on the people visiting a webpage. The purpose is for marketers to have as much information on each person as possible, so they can then design campaigns for the right people to meet the right offer.

When gathering that data, ThriveTracker works to do so faster than the other options in the market. Speeds for this are known to come in at under 5ms, putting them at the front of the pack when measuring outright performance.

After you ThriveTracker link gathers the data you’re looking for in the blink of an eye, the redirection occurs and your visitors go directly where you want them to go – a page that can make you money.

A Truly Universal Dashboard

Media buyers are constantly searching for the best deal on both sides of the business:

  • Where can I get quality traffic at the lowest cost?
  • Where can I find the best performing offers with the highest payouts?

These questions often result in media buyers who buy traffic from multiple sources – sometimes five, ten, twenty, or fifty-plus! All the same, media buyers will likely seek out offers from a wealth of reputable CPA networks to find the best deal for their uses.

ThriveTracker is where you balance out your operations and save your time. Buy connecting any given traffic source and affiliate network to a specific ThriveTracker campaign link, you’re now going to gather all the user insight data directly within ThriveTracker, making it easy to view all the necessary info in one place.

Thrive Tracker- Best Tracking Platform

Time is critical when balancing hundreds of campaigns on a daily basis, and this is a platform that makes it easy to built, manage, and optimize at any scale. Don’t shy away from expanding your business because of time constraints anymore, not when you have tools like this at your disposal!

A List of Features to Love

Speed and convenience are great pieces of the puzzle, but tracking is a big puzzle. Luckily for all of us, the team behind ThriveTracker is churning out new features each week to stay ahead of the pack!

I swear, these guys have thought of everything:

  • 30-day FREE Trial
  • Lightning-fast cloud infrastructure or self-hosted download as well
  • Smooth and modern UI
  • Infinite Scalability (no, really – they dare you to track billions of clicks!)
  • Landing Page Pixel for fastest connections
  • Unlimited campaign creation
  • Built-in Redirection Rules and Bot Filter
  • Multi-User Access w/sub-user roles
  • Multi-Level Drill Down Reporting
  • Day and Week-Parting
  • 15 standard data points pre-set
  • 12 custom data points available
  • Over 70 traffic sources pre-loaded for use
  • Split-test any combination of landing pages and offers
  • Support for RevShare campaigns
  • MFA for added account security
  • Offer-Capping for daily, weekly, and monthly totals
  • Bulk Insertion and Editing
  • Manual Cost Update
  • Upsell tracking w/90-day attribution
  • Full reporting API
  • Access to raw click data on demand
  • Complete funnel support, including multi-step landers
  • Support for various currencies

If there’s something missing from this list, I couldn’t find it. It’s obvious they care for the success of their customers, providing users with access to all the necessities of the best tracking platform on the market.

Learn How to Use It, Step-By-Step

Looking at that list of features, a newbie could get intimidated quickly. Thankfully, these guys have thought about that as well. You don’t need to be a pro to start with ThriveTracker – they’re happy to show you the ropes and do it one day at a time with you.

This is really important, even to the most seasoned performance marketers, as starting with any new platform will involve a learning curve of some kind. Starting from day one and lasting for 30 days, you’ll receive a daily email showcasing another piece of this impressive software.

Working with the best tracking platform for media buyers means you’ll have lots to love and rave about, but let these guys help you get started so that you can find your success and sustain it faster and easier!

The Best Tracking Platform to Protect Your Campaigns

When you connect the dots, you realize your tracking platform is at the heart of your business operations. This is a huge responsibility, and ThriveTracker’s team is looking at it with tremendous respect.

In addition to offering tons of great features for enabling ease of use, they also looked at what is involved in protecting the campaigns you’ve spent so much time building, managing, and optimizing. In short, they’ve developed methods for keeping those campaigns safe.

Built directly into their platform, you’ll find a wealth of redirection rules to keep out the audiences you don’t want. Additionally, you’ll find a built-in Bot Filter, so there’s no need for any 3rd party applications to be used here!

So How Quickly Can You Start with ThriveTracker?

Today. Right now. These guys really have thought of everything!

They’re going to give you plenty of options regarding plan sizes and costs, so take your pick and sign up. The signup process is easy (3 steps) and allows you to get up and running within 24 hours.

If you choose to self-host, they’ve got a downloadable package that will provide you with everything you need for launching. If you choose to use the cloud, they’ll be setting it all up for you. ThriveTracker only uses custom, user-owned domains for redirection links, keeping your domain value in your control.

Best of all, get started for free. That’s right, I said it – FREE!

You can use ThriveTracker for 30 days at no charge to you and your bank account, allowing you to get started without forfeiting your own money. How nice is that?!?

I’m certain this is the best tracking platform on the market and I’m certain you’ll come to the very same conclusion. Now it’s time to see for yourself!

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