Animotica Video Editor Review :- Is It the Best Photo/Video Editing software for Windows 10?

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Animotica Video Editor

Since the Windows app store is full of video and photo editing software, it is very hard for most apps to make a mark. However, the relatively new video editing tool Animotica has attracted a lot of attention from Windows 10 users. It is slowly becoming the number one tool for people who want to create concise videos from images and small video clips. Despite having a very easy to use interface, the tool offers advanced editing options such as adding special effects or removing watermarks. Animotica’s UI may give the impression that it’s just another ‘fun’ video editing tool. But, it offers more features professional-level features than one would expect.

Key Features of Animotica Video Editor

Easy to use features

1. Great for Video Marketing

Animotica makes it very easy to express ideas concisely and clearly. It is very easy to merge short videos with images, gifs, etc. In a market where video content dominates the world of digital marketing, this tool provides ample opportunities for young marketers to show their editing skills.

2. Educational Videos

Mixilab, the developers of Animotica, has been very clear about their intentions of helping the educational market. The simple interface makes the app usable for teachers and students. They can create informational videos using images, short video clips, etc. and share them directly via the app.

3. Creating Video Projects is Very Easy 

It’s really easy to create and share new video projects with Animotica. Editors can –

• Trim/slice long video clips


• Add background music

Add Background Music

• Add text boxes on the videos.

• Accelerate or slow down the playback speed Trim & Slice

• The Title Editor tool makes it easy to create new projects.

• It’s super-easy to upload and place both videos and images.

• The app allows user to share their video projects directly.

  • Export Video in 4K Quality
Export video in 4K
  • Upload Videos to Youtube directly from the Animotica App
Upload Videos to Youtube

All of these video project creation tools are available on the home screen. These simple tools offer professional video bloggers, amateur digital marketers, etc. need to become regular creators on social media sites. Overall, the import/ export functions and the sharing tools allow users to create and share new projects effortlessly.

How Good Is Animotica Video Editing Tool ?

The video and photo editing tools are super-easy to use. The thumbnails/icons of these tools are available directly on the home screen. Editors can rearrange/relocate these icons as per their preferences. Some of the editing tricks that users can apply to their content include –

• Slow-motion effects. 

• Numerous video transition effect. 

• Selective lighting to enhance the video quality. 

• Adjust/edit the colors of the videos and images. 

• Fit images perfectly as per their size. 

• The software offers a decent number of cool animation options.

• Add transparent backgrounds to make the videos/images look more prominent.

• Layer-based editing makes it easy to transform the background music, add effects, adjust the volume, and carry out other duplicate functions.

Fix Videos Using Animotica

A major responsibility of any video editor is to fix videos that contain some errors. Animotica allows plenty of tools to enable video correction. For instance, users can adjust a video or image’s brightness, exposure, tint, sharpness, hue, etc. These traditionally ‘photo editing’ features can be applied to videos while using Animotica.

Animotica Pricing

Is Animotica worth the money? The free version of Animotica is good, but all videos created on the free version come with a ‘Made with Animotica’ watermark. To get rid of it, users need to make a one-time payment of $6.99. They can also pay a one-time fee of $9.99 and unlock the Full Pro version, which comes with advanced features, like 2160p output resolution, editing 60 fps videos, etc. It’s by far the easiest to use video editing tools for Windows 10 users so the pro version is definitely worth the investment.

Animotica at a Glance 

• Developed By: Mixilab (a Ukraine based startup)

• Official Website:

• Headquarters: Kharkov, Ukraine

• Available On: Microsoft Store for Windows Desktops

• Payment Option: Onetime payment for the full license

• Mobile Support: No

• App Category: Photo/Video Editing Software

• Price: PRO version that comes with all unlocked features costs $9.99

• Size: 82 MB


  • Free application to download
  • Awesome User Interface (Simple and Easy)
  • Upload Videos directly from the App
  • 4K Video Resolution
  • Export your project in different aspect ratio


  • Only available for Windows 10 users
  • In a free version you cannot unlock premium features and remove watermark

Technical Specifications

OS:- Windows 10 version 17134.0 or higher, Xbox One

Architecture:- ARM, x64, x86

Memory – Min 2GB

DirectX – Version 9

Video Memory:– Not Specified

Overall Verdict

Animotica has over 1.5 million users worldwide. As per the latest estimates, Animotica has been used to create over 2.5 million videos. The tool was created to make video production less complex for everyone. While it’s still not advanced enough to help professional video producers, it’s the perfect app for low-scale home productions. As compared to those expensive video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro Animotica is the best option to try.

Final Rating – 9/10