Analyzer.Tools Review 2023 Highly Customizable Bulk Analyzer Software for Amazon Sellers (Updated)

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Selling products on Amazon is a profitable business. But it also requires planning and expertise. From identifying the products with a higher demand to calculating the estimated sales, understanding customer reviews, and sorting the huge volume of data, it takes days to establish the groundwork. 

Wouldn’t it be great if there was some software or an app to take care of all this on your behalf? What if you can get answers to your questions, predict how much profit you’ll make, and identify competitors with just a few clicks?

Analyzer.Tools does exactly that and much more. It is bulk analysis and profit calculation software that has been specifically designed for Amazon sellers. The Amazon bulk analyzer software is available in two versions- the Windows app and the web app. 

While both versions are equally efficient, the web app has a few extra features that allow you to make better decisions. Let us have a quick look at the features of Analyzer.Tools in detail. 

Analyzer.Tools Windows App 

The app has many features that make it easy for you to stay ahead of not just your competitors, but even Amazon. 


  • Estimated Sales: Check how many products would be sold even before you place an order with the supplier. Why stock more inventory than necessary when you can order only as much as you want? 
  • Bulk Fee Calculations: the built-in FBA profit calculator allows you to calculate how much money would be spent as Amazon fee, VAT, and other taxes. You get a proper idea about how much profit you can make and what your margin should be when pricing a product. The software analysis is based on 58 parameters. 
  • Filtering Data: Do you want to know which products are popular on Amazon? Simply use this software to sort and filter the thousands of products and identify the best-selling ones in a few minutes. 
  • Amazon Seller & Reviews: Know whether Amazon is a competitor on a listing so that you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. Also, check the details of customers’ ratings and reviews on the marketplace. 
  • Archived Lists: The data you access and process will be safe with the software. Anytime you want to look up an old list, check the archives. 
  • Amazon API Data: Why guess the fee data and risk miscalculating the amounts when you can use Analyzer.Tools? You will get accurate results every time. Amazon revenue calculator is updated in real-time so that any changes in the fees are not ignored or missed while estimating ROI. 
  • Customizable Database: Managing the business database is no more a headache. Add new columns or delete existing ones, change the structure or create new filters. Customize the database to suit your convenience. 

Analyzer.Tools Web App 

The Web app has the same features as the Windows app but with a few more included. Let’s know about its additional features.


  • Browser-based: Use the web app on any browser from any device (Windows, Chromebook, MacOS, and more). 
  • Create Custom Lists: Segregate your wholesale lists and create a list of favorite products. Save them for future reference. Simply refresh the lists when you want to see the latest data. There is no need to create new lists every time. 
  • Unlimited Amazon Seller Data (Pro): Amazon seller central data will be at your fingertips anytime you want it. 
  • Unlimited Reviews & Rating Data (Pro): Get bulk analysis reports of customer ratings and reviews of different products on Amazon. 
  • Historical Data (Pro): Selling price, sales rank, competing seller information, etc., is available for up to 365 days from the current date. 

How Analyzer. Tools Works?

You have to follow 4 simple steps in order to understand the working model. Let’s start.

Step1:- Get the Price Sheet

Request the product price sheet in excel format from (.xls, .xlsx, .csv) from the wholesale suppliers.

Step2: Uploading the Pricing Sheet

Upload the same excel sheet to Analyzer. Tools to see the results.

Step3:- Stages of Data Processing

On the basis of 58 critical data points will help you to take the better decision for your business.

Step4:- Data Analysis

Do the complete profit and sales analysis in one click using the data grid that includes robust filtering, sorting and automation technology.

Pricing of Analyzer.Tools 

The company offers two pricing models – 2 or 5 days pass (customize it as per your requirment) and a monthly subscription plan. Let’s compare both the plans.

2 or 5 Day Pass (Web App included | Pro + $10)

  • 2 days of access to the Windows app and the Web app for $10
  • 5 days of access to the Windows app and the Web app for $20
  • Pay one time and no need to worry about the subscription
  • Process up to thousands of products at a time
  • 24 hr customer support if you face any problems
  • Lifetime Free updates
  • Pay $10 extra and get access of the Pro version of the web app to both 2/5 days pass

Month Subscription Plan (Web App + $10 | Pro + $20)

  • Get the windows app for $29
  • Pay $39 and get the web app
  • You can cancel the subscription any time
  • 24 hr customer support and automatic free updates

Analyzer. Tools Testimonials


  • Both the Windows & Web App are simple and easy to use.
  • Customizable and Inexpensive pricing plans
  • Fast processing of data
  • 100% accurate results
  • 24/hr customer support via email
  • Rights data analytics tool for your business


  • Only email support so you can expect delayed response sometimes
  • Support not available in any other language apart from English

Final Conclusion 

Amazon professional sellers do not have to spend hours of their time manually estimating and analyzing sales and profits. Analyzer.Tools is an authentic and easy to use Windows and web application that helps you stay up to date about sales, profits, and taxes at all times. 

Let your business grow leaps and bounds as you stay one step ahead of your competitors and become a reputed and trusted Amazon professional seller on the biggest marketplace across the world.