Branchbob Review 2023:- Build Your Ecommerce Store for Free (Updated)

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Free Online Store

Statistics show that 95% of global purchases will be done online by 2040. Not having an eCommerce store is no more an option for retailers. Branchbob offers a free online store solution to build an online shop straight from your smartphone. It is simple and easy to use.

Branchbob Overview

Founded in 2018 Branchbob is a cloud-based eCommerce platform to help small and medium business owners build an online shop for completely free. Based in Mannheim, Germany, the company offers marketing and IT support to startups and SMBs in the eCommerce market. 

Branchbob is used by sellers and merchants from more than 150 countries. It is a free cloud-based online shop-building platform used by beginners and professionals. From tutorials to customer support in multiple languages, everything you need to establish your eCommerce business is at your fingertips. The company will assist you in launching your online store without any hassle. 

Do you know?

No IT or coding skills are required to build your Online Store.

Features and Highlights

From assigning categories to products to providing SEO tools, Branchbob has an extensive list of features that help you build an eCommerce store. 

1.) Inventory Management 

Keep track of the products in your inventory at any given point in time. Know how much you’ve sold, when you restock, and how much to add.

2.) Product Management 

Product Management 

How many products do your sell through the online store? How many variants does each product have? Which category does the product belong to? Enter the SEO information of the product and get the details.

3.) Customer Management 

Maintain a customer database to understand their preferences and orders. Use this data to create a marketing strategy to boost sales and increase profits. 

4.) Order Management

Order Management

Maintain a proper record of your past and current orders. Structure the list in a way that’ll give you the necessary information at just a glance. 

5.) Business Intelligence

Use the seller/ merchant dashboard to manage the online store. Track your income, expenses, and current business position straight from the dashboard.

6.) Payment and Shipping 

Use the payment and shipping methods provided by Branchbob or add your own. Establish your online store the way you want. 

Payment and Shipping

7.) Extensions and Add-Ons from the App Store


Apart from the features offered by Branchbob, there’s also an App Store to add more extensions to your online stores. Some app extensions are available free of charge. 

Staff Accounts: Want to add more staff to manage your online store? Use this add-on to add staff accounts for easy management. 

Import and Export Customer Data: Sharing customer data is now easy. Import and export CSV files with just a few clicks. 

Import and Export Product Lists: Keep your product list updated at all times. Get the CSV files anytime you want. 

Export XML Order List: How many orders did get in the month? What’s their status? Export the order list to other software in XML format. 

Google Analytics: Integrate Google Analytics with your online stores to keep track of the website visits and conversion rate. 

SEO Site Map: Create the website’s site map in XML for search engines to easily crawl and index the online store. 

Social Media Integration: Add buttons to the website and link them to your social media accounts. 

Google Shopping Feed: Get your products to show up on the Google Shopping Feed by using this add-on from the Branchbob App Store. It is free to use. 

How to Create Your Online Store using Branchbob?

Step 1:- Enter your store name, email, and password

enter store name

Step 2: Enter basic details to open your store

basic details

Step 3:- Here’s the Dashboard:- Now you are ready to create your first product, Add a payment and shipping method and enter your contact information


Step 4:- Your Online Store is ready!

online store ready

Branchbob Pricing 

Branchbob is free to use. The basic functions required to run an eCommerce business are offered free of charge. The company has additional add-ons features and services, which are available for a fee. The add-ons are priced independently so that merchants can choose only those features that are absolutely necessary for their business. 

The company guarantees that there are no hidden costs or surprise charges. It aims to help startups and small business owners establish themselves without burning a hole in the pocket or incurring losses. In fact, there’s no need to buy a domain either. Branchbob offers a free domain with the extension ‘’. You are free to use your own domain as well. 

domain name

Best for

Small Businesses, Designers, Developers and Agencies

Pros and Cons 


  • Free to use
  • Easy online store setup 
  • Add-ons available 
  • Can connect to own domain 
  • Great for beginners and startups 


  • No integration with third-party shipping apps
  • Doesn’t offer extensive features 

What do customers say about Branchbob?

Branchbob Reviews
Branchbob Reviews 2

Final Conclusion 

Branchbob lets you create an online retail store using simple and easy features. Why worry about coding an eCommerce website from scratch when you can use a Branchbob? It takes just a few minutes to set up your online store and go live on the internet. 

The company focuses on micro and small businesses and offers them an easy solution to launch their online store without any fees or excess expenditure. Branchbob is user-friendly, efficient, and perfect for startups.


→ What’s required to start a Branchbox store?

Ready to sell? Just follow the below steps:-

  • Create your first product
  • Create a payment method
  • Add a delivery method
  • Maintain your contact information for your customers
  • Add legal pages

→ Do I need additional software to create invoices?

No you don’t need any additional tools to create an invoice, everytime you place an order the invoice will automatically created for your customers

→ Should You Choose Branchbob?

Yes, definitely!

→ Top alternatives to BranchBob

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • InfinyHost
  • WIX
  • WordPress
  • Prestashop
  • Big Commerce
  • SquareSpace
  • Jimdo
  • Adobe Commerce
  • Prestashop

→ Do you still have any questions regarding Branchbob?

Contact the team right away and get your answers directly.