Introducing:-10 Best Free Media Player for Mac OS in 2020

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If you are a consistent Mac user, and you have been thinking of getting a good media player in your system, then let us tell you that it is an indeed daunting task. This is because there are an array of options in the market to choose from which is why you would love to get an assortment of the best free media players for Mac. This will further help you to make your decision without any problems and you will no longer feel out of place for not being able to get the best of audio and visual entertainment. Today we are going to discuss ten of the best free media player for Mac and analyze on the same after which you can choose the one that suits you the best.

List of Best Media Player for Mac

  1. Elmedia Media Player

This is one of the most versatile forms of media players that you can have in the market which can run on Mac and make the audio-visual experience a lot smoother than it formerly was. It can run a number of formats ranging from the FLV and MP4 to the DAT as well as MP3 files so indifferent of what the format is, you do not have to look back. Also, it cancels out the probability of irritating ads which is indeed worth all the praise.

  • The clarity in sound and video quality
  • Online streaming is good.
  • No ad policy


Has the probability to have a security breach.

2. Cisdem Video Player for Mac

If you have been looking for the best alternative option of VLC, then you need to go for the Cisderm because of its smooth working mechanism. It is very flexible by nature and is a backbone to numerous audio and video formats which is why you have no problems in streaming any format. It is also light on the system which improves the performance of the device and delivers high-quality output.


  • Smooth experience of the audiovisual effect
  • Versatility with numerous formats
  • All codecs are supported.


Only available in the Mac version.

3. VLC Media Player

Considered as one of the most popular media players in the market, VLC media player is the ultimate when it comes to the best media player for Mac. It is multi-functional by nature so you will never have a glitch in having the top notch experience from the system. It is also easily downloadable and installable which is another point of impression.


  • Safe to be installed
  • Smooth functioning
  • Susceptible to all formats


While initiating the play, it delays a bit.

4. 5K Media Player

Coming to the features of the 5K media player, it is a complete collaboration of the features of MKV media player, Airplay, as well as online video downloader because it is completely rich with features. With the help of this media player, you will also be able to do online streaming of the audio and video from any of the Apple devices to your PC like iPad or iPhone and also vice versa.


  • A variety of codecs embedded for numerous audio- video as well as DVDs
  • Smooth performance
  • Safe to be installed


It is a media player that will also download Bonjour alongside even when you do not realise it.

5. MX player

If you want your media player to be incredibly fast, then this should be your choice and it can play H264 videos. If you have MKV files, then they are also supported without any delay. It is one of the most amazing options with flexibility. But remember if you have the older version of Mac, then the extended version of this player would be necessary for the smooth performance.


  • It is a great support to numerous equalizers as well as several filter options.
  • The ass is quite nominal and has a tingle of subtlety.

6. QuickTime Media Player

It is rendered as the kind of media player that has gained the flagship of Apple and you can stream any kind of media without hassles. It is also fast paced to use and there are numerous formats to choose from.


  • It comprises of the H.264 compression system so that it is light on the system
  • Versatility towards formats


  • The initiation can be a bit delayed
  • Most formats are available only at the extended version.

7. Realplayer Media Player

It is a universally recognised media player that can automatically diagnose the kind of format that you are trying to play. It is highly powerful and functional which is why it has been able to create a benchmark in the industry of free media players for Mac.


  • It can recognize and locate the media files in an automatic manner
  • The downloading and conversion features are easy to access


  • Slow working capacity
  • Not very user-friendly and needs practice.

8. DivX Media player

It is one of the stunning media players that is brimming with codecs and a trial pack for demo purpose of the converter. It can give the output of HQ video playback and the conversion is also hassle-free for a number of formats.


  • It can run smoothly and is not a burden to the device
  • Does not cause lagging down


The file is a little big and might take comparatively more time.

9. Movist Video Player for Mac

It is one of the simplest media players that you can ever have and is undeniably the best of its kind. It also supports the subtitles and is perfect for the encoding and decoding freaks out there. If you want picture perfect effects, all you have to do is to do some minor changes in the settings.


  • The quality is worth the praise
  • User-friendly by nature


It is an alternative to Quicktime but the formats are very confined.

10. Nice Media Player

If you do not want any compromise on your movie watching experience, then this is the one that you should be choosing. It gives borderless videos to give you a surreal experience and has crystal clear quality.


  • Goes well with numerous formats and has some advanced functions
  • The clarity in viewing.


  • Is repulsive towards some of the formats like avi, mpg or even mkv.
  • You cannot change the source of audio

Final Conclusion

Now that you know about the ten best video player for Mac that you could ever think about, all you need to do is to ensure that you have them checked out at least for once. Then in accordance with your needs, you can install the one that seems to be the best!