Webgility Review 2024:- Modern Commerce Workspace (Updated)

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Webgility - Modern eCommerce Workspace

Online businesses have a lot to deal with simultaneously. eCommerce establishments need to work on multiple software, platforms, and marketplaces to manage their business. From managing orders to payments to taxes and more, everything is directly or indirectly linked to accounting. 

Many eCommerce businesses spend hours of their time on accounting software to keep the records up to date. Webgility offers a flexible and powerful solution to automate the accounting processes and sync data from all sales channels (like Amazon, Shopify, and others) with QuickBooks, the leading accounting software in the global market.  

About Webgility 

Webgility was founded in 2007 and is currently the leading automation software for QuickBbooks. The company has more than 5000 clients from around the world. The team is diverse, with experts in different domains coming from different cultures/regions. 

Any eCommerce business looking to go lean on their IT infrastructure through cloud computing and automation will find Webgility the right choice of investment. The array of features, flexible pricing, scalable software, and reliable tech support are some highlights of the company.

Features of Webgility

Webgility has been around for fifteen years and has grown exponentially. The software has been built by commerce experts for others in the same industry. They know exactly what is required and how using the correct software can save time, money, and resources for a business. 

Webgility provides the automation software in two versions. You can choose the desktop version or the online (cloud) version, depending on your accounting system.The online version works the best for small to medium eCommerce establishments that use QuickBooks Online while the desktop version is perfect for businesses that use QuickBooks Pro, Premium, and Enterprise plans. 

Webgility Online

→ Automating Bookkeeping: Why struggle with spreadsheets and manual entry when you can connect QuickBooks to your eCommerce website and automatically update data through Webgility? 

→ Dashboard: Know which products are profitable for your businesses. Track expenses, revenue, gross profits, and margins for every channel. 

Webgility Dashboard

→ Syncing Inventory: Got multiple channels of inventory details? Not a problem when using Webgility. Sync data in all channels to show you the latest count every time. 

→ Shipping and POS: Integrate Webgility with PoS software like Shopify POS, Shipping Easy, and ShipStation to manage orders and sales. 

Webgility Shipping

Webgility Desktop 

→ Automating Accounting: No more manual entries and missing data in your records. Automate accounting on QuickBooks with Webgility desktop version. 

→ Transferring Product Listings: Create and post complete product lists (with descriptions, prices, and images) on the marketplaces. It takes just a few minutes to finish the listing. 

→ Business Analytics: Get eCommerce data analytics and actionable insights to improve your business and make the right decisions. 

Analytics for smart decision

→ Syncing Inventory: This feature is the same in the online and desktop versions.  

→ Hosted Services: Use Webgility on any device and from any location. Work at the office, home, or a remote site. 

→ Scheduling Data Updates: It’s up to you to determine how often you want to update and sync the data between your systems. Schedule the duration and leave the rest to the software.  

Webgility Pricing 

Webgility has two versions of the software and different price plans for each. The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and free onboarding services on all annual plans. 

Desktop Plans: 

  • Accounting Essentials- $129/ month; 2 sales channels and 1000 orders per month.  
  • Advanced Accounting and Inventory- $199/ month; 2 sales channels and 2000 orders per month; and advanced features. 
  • Advanced Inventory- $374/ month; 2 sales channels and 3000 orders per month;, expert onboarding, and additional features. 

Shipping automation is an add-on service for $50/month. Businesses can pay $150 (a one-time fee) to access extended historical data (older than 90 days). 

Online (Web/ Cloud) Plans: 

  • Accounting Essentials- $129/ month; 2 sales channels and 1000 orders per month.  
  • Advanced Accounting and Inventory- $199/ month; 2 sales channels and 2000 orders per month; and advanced features. 

The online plans come with a 15-day free trial. Webgility provides a 20% discount on annual pricing for all plans. 

What’s Webgility Intelligence?

Webgility Intelligence

Webgility Intelligence helps you to make better business decisions. 

Why you should analyze KPIs in every store and marketplace when all your business financial statements (sale, profit, and expenses) are in one place?

With Webgility connect your sales channels and marketplaces to get started on 60+ sales metrics. No more subscription is required.

Why you should try Webgility Intelligence for your business?

Sales order Analysis
  • Find your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and channels 
  • Data for forecasting  (view predictive data up to 14 months in the future)
  • Get information on in which geos your products are performing best
  • Check the health of your business

Webgility Intelligence Pricing 

Pay only $10 to get 50% off on your first 3 months plan or take a 7-day free trial

You will get access to more than 70 actionable insights

  • Sales and order insights
  • Sales and order forecasting
  • Performance by channel and product
  • Seasonality trends
  • Detailed product performance
  • Business profitability KPIs (Requires Webgility Desktop plan)

Pros & Cons 


  • Ease to use 
  • Desktop and cloud solutions 
  • Automation 
  • Third-party integrations 
eCommerce Integration


  • A few errors crop up at random 
  • Language barriers with support services (at times) 

Final Conclusion 

Webgility aims to save time and effort by automating recurring accounting tasks. Whether it is updating records, managing orders, and sales, or calculating revenue and profits, the software takes care of everything once you set it up with your QuickBooks account and link it with your sales channels. 

The support team and implementation teams are ready to help you get set up. There’s no need for last-minute calculations or reports to file taxes. Access the latest information about your eCommerce business finances through the interactive dashboard. Webgility needs a little time to get used to but is convenient as the business grows.