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Amazon Seller Tool

Amazon falls in the category of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world. It has more than 5 million sellers on all the 12 marketplaces combined. The North American marketplace caters to the US, Canada, and Mexico sellers and users. 

According to a 2019 report by Amazon, small and medium-sized businesses from the US sell more than 90% in a minute. Imagine the intensity of activity that takes place on the platform and the number of competitors you have to fight to retain your position as an Amazon seller. 

Smart work will help you more than hard work, and that’s why many Amazon sellers are relying on Vendotio to manage their online business. 

Vendotio is an all-in-one platform that helps you in finding products, launching your online business, and becoming an Amazon seller. The key to success is to find products that have a high demand and offer them at competitive prices. At the same time, you need to calculate your costs, manage returns, and ensure profits. 

Five Steps to Success by Vendotio 

The Canada-based company believes that you can become a successful Amazon seller in five steps. Vendotio has simplified the process to help new and existing sellers to boost sales and increase profits. 

#Step 1: Find Hot Sellers 

Find products that sell immediately on Amazon. You can get the details from the listings of popular suppliers and other sellers using Vendotio. 

#Step 2: Find Suppliers 

Once you know which products to sell, you have to find suppliers who will help you stock the items, that too for a lesser price. 

#Step 3: Place the Order 

Order your inventory from the supplier in bulk. Vendotio will handle the process of ordering and invoices on your behalf. 

#Step 4: Create FBA Listings 

Vendotio will automatically create listings for the items in your inventory based on the SKU details. 

#Step 5: Expand Your Business 

From inventory management to restocking and shipping, Vendotio will streamline the process and assist you throughout. 

Solutions Offered by Vendotio – Amazon Seller Tool You Need


As a complete service provider for Amazon sellers, Vendotio offers the following solutions: 

→ Monitoring Sales and Revenue 

Get all details of your sales and income in a unified view. There’s no need to search for each of them individually. In fact, you can customize the dashboard to suit your preferences and arrange the layout accordingly. 

→ Managing Suppliers 

Import the details of your suppliers and sync their data on a single platform. Vendotio will automatically match the products sold by suppliers with your Amazon listings. You don’t have to worry about various currencies either. 

→ Managing Purchase Orders 

Purchase Orders 

Vendotio will automatically create the FBA shipping plan, offer listings, generate purchase orders, and update the details to the dashboard. You can export the order and send it to the supplier with the utmost ease. 

→ Managing Inventory 

The inventory is synced with the purchase orders so that there’s nothing amiss at any given point in time. Moreover, the inventory also shows the cost of the product and the additional expenses incurred in procuring the product. 

→ Managing Returns and Reimbursements 

Returns are always a headache. But Vendotio ensures that processing returns by matching the purchase orders is as easy as possible. Reimbursing customers after collecting returns is also simple. 

→ Researching Products 

 Researching Products 

If you are successful in identifying the right products, you increase your chances of becoming a popular Amazon seller. Vendotio excels in generating reports about high-demand products. 

Benefits of Using Vendotio 

If you are still hesitant about why you should use Vendotio, look at the following advantages it offers to new and existing Amazon sellers. 

✅ One-click access to insights about sales, inventory, and expenses

✅ Get data and updates in real-time 

✅. Sync multiple seller accounts irrespective of the marketplaces (US, UK, JP, IN, etc.) 

✅ Rely on solid analytics derived from past and real-time data (no guesswork)

✅ Streamline business processes and operations to increase efficiency (no running out of stock anymore) 

✅. Vendotio is hosted on AWS and is an Amazon-approved application. It is compliant with Amazon’s rules 

✅. Vendotio offers round the clock live support

Vendoto Pricing Plans

Vendotio affordable pricing plans for everyone

  1. Just started on Amazon – New seller
  2. Amazon Power Seller
  3. Retail and Online Arbitrage
  4. Selling on single and multiple Marketplaces
  • Starter ($49/month)

     Up to 3,000 Orders/mo

     Up to 1,500 SKUs

  • Professional ($69/month)

     Up to 7,000 Orders/mo

     Up to 2500 SKUs

  • Business ($89/month)

     Up to 20000 Orders/mo

     Up to 8000 SKUs

  • Enterprise ($179/month)

     Up to 80,000 Orders/mo

     Up to 15000 SKUs

All the above plans include

➢ Manage multiple seller accounts and marketplaces

➢ Supports all NA, EU, AU and JP stores

➢ Automatic Plan Adjustment

➢ Cancel the plan anytime if you are not happy with Vendotio

Final Conclusion 

There isn’t much Vendotio cannot help you with your Amazon seller business. And considering that it has been officially approved by Amazon as a Selling Partner, you can be assured of the best of services by the company. 

Being an Amazon seller doesn’t have to be stressful. No need to worry about the missed opportunities or leftover stock. Use Vendotio to build your online business and become a leading Amazon seller in the market.