Review :- Headless Ecommerce Platform for Retailers, Wholesalers and Brands

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The eCommerce marketplace is highly competitive, with the small and medium enterprises fighting the large enterprises for visibility and market share. There’s no choice but to use third-party support services and platforms to streamline the operations and increase sales. Financial limitations of the business also restrict a mid-sized business from growing faster. 

BetterCommerce offers a comprehensive solution for mid-sized eCommerce enterprises to double up their power and match large enterprises head-on. BetterCommerce is a leading headless and composable Commerce platform with an array of features that offers the complete business solution.

Let’s first understand how the Omnichannel strategy benefits businesses.

What are the benefits of Omnichannel eCommerce ?

Omnichannel eCommerce is the next step of multi-channel eCommerce. It involves integrating different channels for the sales and marketing teams to have a comprehensive understanding of customers and more control over their promotional campaigns. Omnichannel eCommerce helps mid-sized businesses establish the brand and expand into newer markets.

1.) Customer-Centric Approach 

It doesn’t matter which device a customer uses to access your business. You can continue to track their progress, purchases, and searches by collecting customer data from multiple channels. The platform makes it easy to chart customers’ travel with the business even if it starts through the web browser and moves to the mobile app.

2.) Integrated Analytics 

When data collected from multiple channels is stored in a centralized location, it simplifies the process of analyzing the information and deriving insights. The insights help make better decisions and provide customers with products they are more likely to buy.

3.) Easy Data Tracking 

You won’t miss a single transaction, no matter which channel is used by the customer. From order placement to delivery to determining when the customer is likely to repeat the order, omnichannel eCommerce solutions simplify data tracking. 

4.) Streamline Operations 

When you integrate different departments in the enterprise, it becomes easier to serve customers. From inventory to sales to supply chain, the day-to-day operations will become smoother and faster. You’ll know in advance about potential delays and disruptions and make the necessary adjustments to avoid the situations. 

5.) Focus on Targeted Markets 

Developing targeted campaigns is crucial to attract customers and retain them. Omnichannel eCommerce helps segment customers based on several factors and creates marketing strategies focused on each segment. 

6.) Seamless Communication Management 

By integrating multiple channels, you’ll have more information about the customers and their orders. You can easily respond to customers’ queries by accessing the centralized database. This enhances customer experience and increases brand loyalty. Brand loyalty goes a long way in helping medium-scale businesses to compete with large enterprises.

Overview of BetterCommerce 

BetterCommerce  - Headless Commerce API

Founded in 2015 by Vikram Saxena to provide tech solutions for mid-market retailers and brands to win the eCommerce race. All the apps of BetterCommerce are accessible via API such as Product Information Management(PIM), Order Management Solutions(OMS), Ecommerce, Experience Manager, Engage for personalization and Analytics.

Features of BetterCommerce Platform 

The highlight of BetterCommerce is that it uses the headless API philosophy. That makes the platform highly flexible and customizable. It’ll suit your business as if it has been made exclusively based on your specifications. 

  • Multi-Store Access 

Do you have different stores in different marketplaces and domains? Well, that’s not a problem. You can access all of them from a single interface. 

  • Data Security 

The platform uses SSL certification and security features of Azure (where BetterCommerce is hosted) to regularly scan the eStore for threats and prevent cyber attacks. The platform doesn’t use third-party security apps. 

  • SEO-Friendly 

BetterCommerce comes with mid-level SEO tools to optimize the eCommerce store and increase its visibility on search engines. 

  • Access to B2B eCommerce 

BetterCommerce is not limited to B2C businesses. Wholesalers and distributors can use the platform to grow their B2B market share. 

  • Mobile App Availability 

You can create an iOS mobile app for your eStore using the features offered by BetterCommerce. Be accessible to your customers across multiple channels.  

What you can do more with Better Commerce?

→ Build a perfect Omnichannel campaign for your brand

→ Launch Prime style membership

→ As the world still recovering from unprecedented disruption due to covid many retailers are planning to start an online possible hence this is the perfect time to start an eCommerce business

→ Sell on Amazon and other marketplaces

→ Never miss a sale with Endless Aisle

→ Adapt visual merchandising strategies for your business

→ Launch a successful subscription Based Business

→ POS Integration to improve your customer experience

→ Create your own curated shopping page

→ Personalized product recommendations can increase your AOV (Average Order Value)

Pros and Cons of BetterCommerce 


  • Multiple currency options
  • Data sync between different devices 
  • Run multiple stores from the same platform 
  • Flexible, scalable, and customizable 
  • Useful for setting up and expanding eCommerce business 


  • Not an easy tool for beginners
  • Flexible pricing doesn’t suit every brands if they are looking for fixed pricing structure.

Final Conclusion 

BetterCommerce offers several features that help establish and boost an eCommerce business through multiple channels. The company doesn’t have a fixed price plan. You can choose the module that best suits your business and submit a form. The support team will provide you with the remaining details. 

Use the BetterCommerce platform to have full control over your business operations. The extensive features are more useful for mid-sized businesses to grow and capture a larger market share in this competitive world. 

Check out to know how this Omnichannel solution can help B2C, B2B, and retailers maximize revenue.