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Facebook Likes

Want to assemble a plethora of interactive audience for your Facebook account or page? And for doing so, are you stepping towards purchasing the likes from Facebook?  Buying likes from facebook is never recommended and there are many reasons behind it. Let us discuss in detail, as for why one should not buy likes from facebook?

Reasons for Not Buying Likes From Facebook 

  • Affects engagement – Buying likes from Facebook will categorically affect the engagement of your Facebook account, post or page. Engagement here means how much visibility has your post received or how many people found it interesting. The bona fide reason to come on Facebook is to get loads and loads of engagement. But the same will not show valuable results and it is all due to the fake accounts from where these likes actually come from.
  • Diminishes the brand value – Here comes the major adverse repercussions of purchasing the likes from Facebook as it diminishes the brand integrity. Today most of the population are on Facebook all around the day. This has made them much cognisant about which brands have the original likes. Normally, anyone can tell the involvement of fake likes in one go which results in lacking customer’s trust.
  • Affects insights – Purchasing likes from Facebook will influence the page insights and it will confuse the metrics too. Page insights are the most dependable factors for creating strategies and working on the value of the brand, engagement, and so on. But with facebook purchased like, you won’t understand the insight of any single post clearly.

Spending a few bucks to purchase thousands of likes in one go will surely lure in the first instance. But with passing time, its unpleasant effects can be observed, the reason behind it is low organic traffic, low organic impressions, less real traffic interaction etc. And at the end, you will end up wasting all your hard work and money. Thus, it is highly recommended not to buy any likes from Facebook.

Alas, if you are still with the thought of purchasing the likes for your facebook accounts, page, post or so on; then opt for a genuine and reliable partner. If you have no idea where to buy reliable facebook likes then take a tour of Famoid is a pioneer when it comes to 100% safe and real facebook likes. Here you will be showered with a number of benefits.

Why trust Famoid for purchasing Facebook likes?

  • Safe – The first and foremost reason is, here you will not be asked to supply your password. All you need to give is your facebook link.
  • Organic – The main motto of buying likes from facebook will be fulfilled here as this website only offers real, high-quality and fully secured likes with instant delivery.
  • Support – One will get the access to reach out the support team of Famoid 24/7 with regard to any concern or doubts.

Dealing with any third party that does not offer you with safety is not recommended; as it might result in your Facebook data leakage. So, attract your users with only real and organic likes which will be made possible for you with the help of Famoid and that too at an affordable rate