5 Best Digital Signage Software of 2024

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Signage is essential for offline marketing and branding management for a business. Apart from promotions, signage is also used for informational and communication purposes like providing directions, sharing safety instructions, providing updates, etc. Digital signage software has simplified this process to a great extent.

Digital signage software designs and controls multimedia content on electronic displays. It helps manage electronic/ digital sign boards made using LED, LCD, OLED screens, kiosks, etc. From offering security compliance to delivering analytics, the software is highly efficient and useful in many industries. 

Top Digital Signage Software to try in 2024

1.) SocialScreen 


SocialScreen is cloud-based digital signage software that works with any screen, TV, or device. It is meant for personal, business, and government use. The software is compatible with third-party integrations and can collect data from databases like Google, Mailchimp, social media platforms, Power BI, Microsoft Suite, etc. 

It also offers multiple layout options and provides a preview before publishing the content. Users can set timings to display specific content throughout the day. Teams can simultaneously access the company account through individual logins to edit the content. 

SocialScreen offers a 14-day free trial with access to all features. Users can then choose the modules they want to create a customized bundle and pay only for what they need. It has four plans, including a free plan with limited features. 

2.) ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud is an easy-to-use digital signage software that promises engagement, retention, sales, and productivity. Over 9000 organizations use the company’s hardware and software solutions. Businesses use it to share analytical reports and actionable insights in real time. It provides high security from unauthorized access. 


The company provides custom integrations through GraphQL API and offers 70+ free built-in apps to streamline data sharing and multimedia content management for signage. The software can effectively bridge communication gaps by posting announcements in a couple of seconds.  

ScreenCloud has three price plans and offers customized packages based on user requirements. It accepts payments in US dollars, Euros, and British Pounds. The company also provides a free trial on the Core plan. 

3.) Look Digital Signage

Look provides cloud-based digital signage software to manage screens from any location and at any time. The platform has a neat interface for users to create versatile signage designs and post them to multiple screens as required. The company works with businesses from retail, banking, hospitality, and corporate industries. 


The software collects data from PCs or tablets and automatically creates playlists on the screens. It offers 4K picture quality and comes with an advanced layout designer. Personalize each signage to increase engagement. Furthermore, the software is compatible with third-party integrations and works offline. 

Look provides 24*7 customer support. The digital signage software can also be installed on-premises. The pricing model is entirely customizable. Users can choose the number of screens, and the price will be automatically calculated. The company has a presence in 85+ countries. 

4. ) Pickcel Digital Signage 

Pickcel offers digital signage software for business and enterprise use. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, devices, and screens. The software can be accessed through the cloud or hosted on-premises. The company provides third-party integrations and data security to customize digital signage solutions. 


It is one of the top-tier SOC-2 certified service providers. The company also offers white-label and reseller digital signage services to enterprises. It has clients from industries like banking, retail, restaurant, transportation, education, and corporate. 

Pickcel has three price plans, along with a 14-day free trial. Users can opt for a customized enterprise plan for high requirements like 250+ screens. The company has won several awards for being a reliable digital signage software provider in the market. 

5. ) Signagelive 

Signagelive offers secure digital signage software for varied requirements. It caters to SMBs, large enterprises, and government organizations. The company’s services are highly scalable (10 to 10,000 screens), dependable, and efficient to deliver greater ROI. 

Signage Live

The software supports several devices and directory integrations. It provides ISO27001 accreditation worldwide with proactive monitoring, GDPR compliance, third-party advertising, granular user permissions, network access control, and other features. It also provides a suite of developer tools and has marketplace with free and paid apps for better control.

Signagelive has two price plans with additional options for greater security, support, etc. Users can include the necessary add-on modules whenever necessary. It also has a basic free plan. The company’s pricing is listed in Australian dollars. 

Final Conclusion 

Choosing the right digital signage software can create seamless communication within the organization while promoting the brand offline to a wide range of target audiences. All these companies offer demos for users to understand how their solutions work. They also have customized price plans and provide services around the globe. 

Check out the features offered by the companies on our list to select the best for your requirements.