10 Best Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

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Social Media Engagement

Online presence is a must for brands in today’s scenario. Having a functioning website is effective, but not enough. Being active on social media and engaging users’ attention matter more. 

Whether it is to attract more customers, build a brand image, or increase returns, social media engagement is essential for every business. In fact, social media presence and engagement can impact the success of a brand. 

Social Media Marketing is fun and engaging. Do you agree?

A survey found that 57% of the customers follow their favorite businesses on social media to stay up to date about the new products and services.

If you hardly see any engagement on your social media post and you don’t the reason. Follow these 10 strategies

Top 10 Ways to Improve Social Media Engagement

1.) Understand the Target Audience 

Social media engagement is when your followers like, comment, share and interact on your posts. While the followers count matters, it’s more important to know if the followers are responding to the posts or not. 

If you want more engagement, you’ll have to share posts that will urge the target audience to respond. So, what are those? Well, the answer depends on your target audience.

For example, if you sell cosmetics, your target audience will primarily be women. HD pictures of the products and simple explanation of the ingredients used, skincare tips, etc., can bring more likes, shares, and comments. 

2.) Originality and Creativity Always Win

Visual content and creativity are always appreciated by users. High-quality pictures, funny memes, how-to videos, and original infographics with valuable information will encourage followers to react on the posts. 

You can have periodic Q&A sessions to answer their questions about the products/ services/ and the topics related to your niche. There are various online software applications and platforms to design graphics and attractive content to post on social media. 

3.) Analyze the Current Engagement Rate 

Before you plan your social media strategy, you should first know the actual visibility of the brand. How many followers do you have on each platform? How many of them react on your posts? Did you gain any new followers in the last month or so? 

First, measure the Engagement rate and know where things stand. Then, set a short-term, mid-term, and long-term goal to improve the engagement rate. Remember that the results cannot be seen overnight. 

4.) Jump into the Hashtag Bandwagon 

The easiest way to join the latest trend is by using a hashtag. You can use online tools to search for trending hashtags in your niche and add them to your posts. Social media analytics show how much reach each post has got because of the hashtags used. 

There are daily hashtags, seasonal hashtags, niche hashtags, and brand-specific hashtags that can increase the visibility of your posts and bring more engagement. Twitter is a great place to gain visibility using hashtags.

5.) Be Active and Responsive- Show Your Wit in Replies 

Users keep track of your response rate. If they feel that you don’t reply until a day or two, they are more likely to turn to a competitor who responds faster. Reply to comments, direct messages, and reviews. Answer queries without sounding vague or overly promotional. 

Most importantly, be witty. People usually appreciate humor and a bit of satire, e it in your posts or replies. Why do you think memes have so many reshares? Puns, causal tone, and a touch of self-deprecating humor can do wonders to your brand’s engagement on social media. 

6.) Create a Posting Schedule and Stick to it 

Sharing a post whenever you remember to do so will not give the results you want. Remember that social media isn’t only about people. It’s also about algorithms. Facebook shows more posts by a business page if the user is regularly interacting on the posts. 

Now, if you don’t post often, your users may not see even the ones you’ve posted because the algorithm has replaced your place with another page/ group. Users also are likely to forget your brand if you are not actively visible. Plan the month’s posts in advance and schedule them using online tools. You don’t have to manually post every day on each platform. 

7.) Repost and Share Other’s Content 

If you focus only on promoting your brand, the followers are other businesses will not be impressed. Go ahead and share content that grabs your attention. It could be by another business from your region. It could be a brand belonging to another niche. 

Repost and share content by other businesses and drop in a good word. They’ll return the favor soon. This will also bring you a fresh set of audiences. 

8.) Collaborate with Influencers 

A social media influencer is a person who has many followers on social media for the content they create and share. Collaborating with influencers will take your brand to new users. You can host a giveaway on their page or them to take over your social media page for a day/ a couple of hours. 

9.) Go Live 

People love watching videos, and live streaming is a great way to get even the silent followers to respond to your posts. Moreover, when users see the people behind a brand, they’ll feel more connected with the business. Facebook promotes live videos to increase its reach. 

10.) Run Giveaways and Contests 

You can’t go wrong with giveaways and contests. People love to win gifts and free products/ coupons. These events will immediately increase the engagement rate. However, you have to sustain the momentum by creating content regularly and interacting with users in the comments and messages. 

Final Conclusion 

It’s crucial to find a balance between promoting your brand and sharing useful information with users. Mix things up and even shake them a little. Be witty, be kind, and be smart. Personalize your responses and establish yourself as an authority in the niche. 

The process sure is time-consuming and effort-intensive, but the results are more than worth it. Analytical tools will help measure the success of your efforts. Many top brands are active on social media and do their best to remind users of their presence. 

Above are the following tactics you can use to build engagement with your audience.

We are really excited to hear from you what strategies you follow to increase your social presence.

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