SVGator Review 2024: User-Friendly SVG Animation Platform with Extensive Features (Updated)

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SVGator - SVG Animation Platform

Animation is fun and attractive. Previously, most websites used Flash to play animated content.However, with Flash being discontinued, they needed other ways to continue using animations. SVG is a modern vector that fits the bill. Yet, creating an SVG file can be time-consuming and complicated.

Not anymore! SVGator simplifies the process by eliminating the need for code. It allows users to create animations using the drag-and-drop features and assets from the built-in library. You can create GIFs, videos, and other animation files using SVGator.

Let’s understand the working and features of the online tool in this review.

SVGator Overview

SVGator was founded in 2017 when the team realized how time-consuming it is to use SVG for animation. They came up with a quick solution to help designers create animations in a single SVG file that can be updated on any website. Since then, the team has been working to add more features to the online tool and help countless designers.

How to get started

The current version is SVGator 3.0, with improved features added in 2022. The team offers detailed tutorials and eBooks to help users understand how to use the tool.

Features of SVGator

1.) Drawing Tools and Smart Pencil

SVGator platform has basic drawing tools to create shapes, designs, etc., and edit them the way you want. The Smart Pencil reduces the number of nodes, making it easier to scale and adjust the animation to fit the frame. Creating vectors is super easy using this online tool, especially if you are already familiar with vector programs.

SVGator Vector Engine

2.) Import and Edit or Create New

You can import files with animations created on other platforms and edit them with SVGator. You can also create new designs from scratch by choosing the dimensions (width and height). Once you draw your design, set a keyframe for it and move on to the next one. When you play the animation at the end, everything will be seamlessly aligned.

3.) Asset Library

The online tool has an asset library for borrowing pre-designed elements to include in your creation. Furthermore, you can save your new designs to the library and use them whenever necessary. There’s no need to create them multiple times. Simply edit and save the other versions to the library.

4.) Advanced Animations

What if you want to play with the designs? By all means, do it to your heart’s content. SVGator has advanced animation options such as morph, stroke dashes, stroke offset, anchor, skew, etc., to give users the freedom to customize the animations and create attractive videos.

5.) Interactive Animation Settings

Control how you want the animations to play before exporting them. With options like hover, on-click, on-scroll, etc., you can share interactive animated content with others and gain a wide range of audiences. The tool also supports video transparency.

6.) Multiple File Formats

It is easy to export the animations. Firstly, you can export the entire animation as a single SVG file instead of as a bundle of individual elements. Secondly, you can convert it to formats like GIF, MP4, AVI, MKV, etc., without affecting the output. Make them multi-device compatible with a single click.

7.) Enable External Animations

What if you want to work on code-based event-driven animations? SVGator has its own JS API that enables external animations to be imported, edited, and customized without coding.

SVGator Latest Pro Features

SVGator Latest Pro Features
  • GIF Export
  • 4k Video Export
  • Player API

Watch Youtube Video to create edit & animate SVG Files with SVGator

SVGator Pricing

SVGator has three price plans and offers a 28% discount on the annual subscription.

SVGator Pricing

→ Free Plan: Free forever; 3 animation exports/ month, basic animators, up to 10 seconds timeline, 1 GB storage, GIF up to 256*256, video up to SD (1024*576), only MP4 videos.

→ Lite Plan: $16/ month; 10 animation exports/ month, advanced animators, up to 1-minute timeline, 10 GB storage, GIF up to 640*640, video up to FHD (1920*1080), MP4, AVI, & MKV videos.

→ Pro Plan: $28/ month; all features of Lite Plan plus 5 minutes timeline, unlimited storage, GIF and videos up to 4K (3840*2160), transparent videos, image sequence, WebP, access to asset library, API control, speed control, interactive animation, and hyperlink addition.

Pros & Cons


✓ Easy and user-friendly

✓ Good and crisp rendering

✓ Interactive animations

✓ A free basic plan for beginners

✓ Drag and drop features

✓ Tutorials for fast learning

✓ High-quality results


✗ Cannot be used offline

✗ A few glitches during collaborations

To Sum Up

SVGator is a one-stop destination to seamlessly create animations in various formats and export them to different devices. The tool is available as a web solution (SaaS) and has won awards for its performance in the market.

Though there is no live support, the team responds to messages and provides solutions to help users easily work with the platform. With some practice, you can create professional-looking animations and upload them anywhere you want. SVGator is a comprehensive tool for creators and designers.