14Dayz Review:- Easy Time and Expense Tracking App For Your Business

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14Dayz - Time Tracking App

You and your employees might be working eight to ten hours a day. But are the productivity levels matching the time spent at work? A survey found that American employees waste about 2.09 hours in the eight hours at work every day. And guess what? This is excluding the lunchtime and other official breaks provided by the company. 

Now, what’s really left for serious work? While management programs and training sessions help employees plan their work better, a simple app can do the same with greater efficiency. 

We are talking about 14Dayz, a web and mobile application that has been designed for businesses to manage employees’ working time and the expenses incurred for the same. 

Overview of 14Dayz – Time Tracking App

Founded in 2006, 14Dayz was developed by Brains4All with a single aim. It helps employees and business owners save time and increase productivity. This reduces the investment and optimizes the use of resources for the business. 

Businesses and employees from more than 30 countries use the app to track time and projects, get insights, customize reports, and more. 


Features of 14Dayz 

It may seem like a tiny application, but 14Dayz has quite a lot to offer to businesses and encourage employees to effectively manage their time at work. 

1.) Time Tracking by Client 

Time Tracking

Do you want the client to keep track of the time you spend on the project? It’s possible with 14Dayz. Add clients to the project so that they can know the updates without asking you. 

Go to ”Timesheet”

• Select your date

• Choose your project

• Choose your Job

• additionally you can enter a description 

2.) Project Tracking and Insights 

What to know how the project is shaping up? Want to see if you are ahead or behind the schedule? Not only this, but you can also get detailed insights about the time spent on the project. This will help you plan better and regroup if necessary. 

Open menu

• Go to ”Projects”

• Enter the Blue ”+” button

• Enter the name of your new Project

• Allocate your project to the Team members (and customers)

• Choose your rate

Don’t forget to click on ”save” after complete this form

Project Tracking and Insights 

3.) Tracking Billable Hours 

Does your work include billable and non-billable hours? Track both separately so that there’s no confusion. Have the report of billable hours ready at a moment’s notice. There’s no need to spend extra time to generate the invoice. It’s taken care of by the app. 

4.) Easy-to-Use Timesheets 

All you need is one click. Yes. You can play and pause the timesheets, depending on your requirements. The interface is easy to navigate and can be used by people with little knowledge of computers or smartphones. 

5.) Activity Tracking 

Do you want to see how much time it takes to complete an activity? That’s possible too. It’ll make things easier in allotting activities and projects to employees in the future. 

6.) Customize Reports 

Want to add a new column or a section to the reports? Go ahead and do it. The reports generated by 14Dayz can be customized to meet the invoice requirements of your clients. 

7.) Export Reports

Don’t stop at customization. You can export the reports and insights to other platforms. Convert the reports to .xls, PDF, or CSV format and export. Simple. 

8.) All-in-One Dashboard 

Everything you want is found on the dashboard. From different ways to monitor your projects to track the activities and their durations, it takes only a couple of clicks to add a project and start tracking the hours. 

Reasons to Use 14Dayz 

The following are some of the reasons to use the 14Dayz app to streamline the working hours in your business. 

  • Super easy to install and use. There’s no need to spend money on learning or training on how to use the app. 
  • The account can be used as soon as the app is installed and you’ve signed up with the details. There is no waiting time. 
  • Just one click, and you’ll have real-time tracking insights of the project. 
  • Generate invoices that are perfectly accurate and detailed. 
  • The app is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and web browsers. 
  • Suitable for startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises. In short, it can be used by anyone. 
  • The company offers email support services if you have any issues with the app. 

Easy Time and Expense Tracking Solution For Your Business 

14Dayz Pricing Plan

14Dayz pricing is very simple, transparent and affordable offering 30 days trial period with full functionality:- 

1.) Free Plan (€0)

1 user, 4 clients, 4 projects

2.) Paid Plan (€9/month)

3 users, unlimited clients and projects

Pay €3 for each extra user you add 

  NOTE:- 14 Dayz is offering good discount if you go for the yearly plan 

14dayz | Android | Play Store, Free

14dayz | IOS | Free

Final Conclusion 

Tracking time at work is simple and effective. Whether you are working for a client or need to track employee productivity, 14Dayz is the right choice for your business. Watch the tutorials on the website in case you aren’t sure of the process. 

Though we assure you that 14Dayz is indeed very easy to use. We have been using it for a while and can see a distinct increase in productivity. We also finish work way before the deadlines.

Check out 14Dayz and sign up for the free account.