StartingPoint Review 2023: Workflow Management Solution for Small Businesses

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Managing a service-based business can be complex. Team collaborations and customer onboarding can take too much time. Employees become less productive when they constantly have to search for information. Streamlining workflow will make the process more efficient and encourage employees to perform better. 

Startups and SMBs find it hard to choose a comprehensive workflow management solution that fits their budget and is easy to use with little or no training. 

StartingPoint offers a business a simple yet highly efficient solution to scale its operations and retain customers. Let’s see how the workflow management software by StartingPoint works for businesses of all sizes.

Company Overview

StartingPoint was created by consultants to help consultants and service professionals. The company focuses on small businesses and independent entrepreneurs to help them use straightforward software to streamline their business operations. The company believes that digital transformation is a must for small businesses to thrive and grow in competitive markets.  

StartingPoint workflow management software helps kickstart digital transformation by automating customer management. The company also provides custom solutions based on business volume. 

Features of StartingPoint

The software can be used by consulting agencies, marketing companies, financial institutions, educational centers, nonprofit organizations, recruiting and staffing service providers, and service teams. StartingPoint has a lot to offer to businesses. 

1.) Dashboard 

The dashboard allows employees to access data, collaborate with team members, share files, and assist customers. Once the software is integrated with your existing systems, the dashboard will be customized to suit your business needs. There can be two administrators for Starter, Early Stage, and SMB plans. Enterprises can have unlimited admins managing the software. 

2.) Helpdesk and Service Support 

Keep track of every customer query and shorten the response time. You can create response templates and FAQs to simplify customer onboarding and make it easy for employees and clients. The self-service section allows customers to find information on their own. The helpdesk dashboard enables customer service teams to stay in full control of all complaints and queries. This increases customer satisfaction and customer retention rate. 

3.) Team Management 

Team leaders can manage their team members’ roles, assignments, etc., using the software. Track your goals, customers, and team members’ progress and compare it with the checklist. Use the file library to access the information required to complete the project. 

4.) Workflow Consulting and Management 

Make it easy for your team members to collaborate by providing them identifiable roles and functions using the software. Automate workflow so that the tasks are assigned and completed according to the project requirements. When your service teams work seamlessly, it will result in quality performance and higher client satisfaction. 

5.) Project Management 

Got too many projects to keep track of? StartingPoint makes it easy to organize projects and stay up to date about their progress. The software also shows the time an employee spends on each project. The data is automatically updated and displayed in real time. They can share the project details with team leaders, managers, and clients. 

6.) Data Security 

StartingPoint uses Tier 1 cloud services and hosts your business data in SSAE 16 / SOC2 certified data centers. The company uses AES-256 for data encryption. Every business is provided with a siloed repository to ensure data security. StartingPoint has partnered with AWS, IBM, and IBM cloud for data storage. 

Startingpoint Pricing 

StartingPoint is available in four plans based on business size and volume. The company offers a special discount for educational institutions and nonprofit organizations (registered 501(c) (3)) on the annual plan. 

Starter Plan: Starter plan for startups and SMBs, useful for individuals and companies with less than 5 employees; 100 MB file storage 

Early Stage: $100/ month; for businesses with less than 20 employees; 1 GB file storage

SMB: $250/month; for organizations with less than 100 employees; 25 GB file storage 

Enterprise: contact customer support for custom pricing; for businesses with more than 100 employees, comes with a customer success manager; 1TB file storage  

All plans come with unlimited customer/ client accounts and 24*7 email customer support services. The limit on team members depends on the price plan you choose. 

Final Words 

StartingPoint workflow management software was created with three core aspects- simplicity of use, customer satisfaction, and continuous innovation. It takes just one hour to set up the solution and integrate it with your business systems. The company’s technical support team will help you at each stage from start to finish. 

You can continue to upgrade and scale StartingPoint software as your business grows. There’s no need to switch to another solution. Furthermore, the company constantly works on making the software better and improving its efficiency to deliver better results for your business. Why use a bunch of workflow management tools when StartingPoint has it all? Contact the support team to schedule a demo.