Prodcamp Review 2023:- Use Customer Feedback to Enhance Products and Increase Revenue (Updated)

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Customers these days want brands that listen to their feedback. Customer satisfaction has become a major deciding factor for the success of a business. According to a report by Microsoft, 77% of customers are more favorable towards brands that proactively ask for customer feedback and implement it. 

Moreover, attracting new customers is almost 7 times more expensive compared to retaining an existing customer. In fact, a 5% increase in retention rate can bring up to 25% profits for the business. In this scenario, businesses need to find a way to collect customer feedback, analyze it, use it, and release new products/ services as asked by the customers. If the process itself takes time, the results will not be exceptional, isn’t it? 

ProdCamp app has been designed to help brands handle customer feedback, prioritize the requirements, and make the necessary changes to the products/services. You can keep the feedback loop open for as long as you want and close it after finalizing the features/ changes. Increase customer satisfaction, upsell and cross-sell the products to double sales and returns. 

prodcamp - customer feedback

Working of ProdCamp – Customer Feedback Tool

 ProdCamp - Customer Feedback Tool

ProdCamp offers a comprehensive way of dealing with customer feedback. Start turning customer feedback into revenue with Prodcamp.

  • Get User Feedback

Be it via customer meetings or online surveys, questionnaires, voting, or more, you can get customer feedback through multiple channels and save it in a central location. 

  • Analyze Feedback 

Understand what the customers want from your business. Use the analytical tools to analyze the feedback and derive insights. 

  • Prioritize Based on Analytics 

Prioritizing the features helps you see which features or changes are more in demand and need to be sorted first. 

For example, if 10 customers want you to fix the cracked parking tiles of the restaurant while 2 customers want another genre of music to be played, your first priority as a restaurant owner would be to fix the parking. 

  • Close Feedback Loop

Once you’ve analyzed and implemented the changes, you can close the feedback loop by alerting customers about the same. Send them notifications through their selected channels and let them know how particular you are about their feedback. 

Features of ProdCamp 

ProdCamp has many features that have been carefully developed to help businesses simplify the feedback process. 

Prioritization Matrix: This feature places all the highest-voted features/ changes at the top. You’ll know what to deal with first just by looking at the matrix. 


Tracker: Know which customers upvoted for a feature or asked for a certain improvement in their feedback. 

Collect Feedback from the App: By enabling the JS widget, you can collect feedback directly from the app. The data from multiple channels will be stored in one place. 


Product Changelog: Send regular updates to customers by announcing the latest developments through Product Changelog. Always keep customers in the loop. 

Change log

Integrate with Stack/ Other Software: ProdCamp can be integrated with other software applications you use at work. The app currently works with Slack, Jira, Salesforce, and Intercom.  

Mini CRM: Track the customers’ accounts and contact details right from ProdCamp. It works as a mini-version of your CRM software. 

Chrome Extension for Feedback: The chrome extension can help collect feedback from the source (from the channels where customers left their feedback). 

Chrome Extension

Data Importing: You can import customers’ details and feedback from other software apps and use it in ProdCamp. 

Data Security: The company ensures that the data on the app is fully secure and cannot be compromised by outsiders. 

Support Services: The company offers different support services based on your business requirements.  

Prodcamp Pricing 

The company provides a 14-day free trial to understand how the app works. You can also ask for a free demo. Choose from the following price plans based on your business requirements. 

  • Growth: $10/ user/ month; suitable for freelancers/ startup businesses. 
  • Pro: $15/ user/ month; suitable for small businesses. 
  • Business: $30/ user/ month; suitable for medium to large businesses. 
  • Enterprise: Customized plan for large to multinational organizations. 

The annual billing cycle offers a solid 20% discount on all plans. 

Final Conclusion 

Prodcamp ensures that the communication channels between you and your customers are always open. Customers love it when brands give importance to their ideas, implement them, and thank them for the same. 

The app can also be used to collect feedback from employees and team members. After all, employees are internal customers, and their feedback is just as essential for the business to grow. Get higher returns for a cost-effective investment with ProdCamp.