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WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Creating and managing a website takes a lot. Content offered on your website must be user-friendly. Agreed that content is the essence of your website, but what use would it make if your audience cannot interact with it? Websites need to work on their core structure to get three things right to improve their Core Web Vitals: Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

Ignoring these essential elements on your website would result in a higher bounce rate, low conversion rates, and low landing page views, which can affect the quality of your website. What makes your content fast is entrusting your website with experts in optimizing your website the fastest it can ever be!

Faster Performing Website Guaranteed With Speedy Site

Speedy Site improves your website’s overall user experience by assessing your website according to the Google ranking standards. Elements like Page speed, Image quality, and core web vitals are essential for the overall website. Speedy Site thoroughly checks your website and points out any factors that might slow down your website. After careful assessment, Speedy Site optimizes the areas/elements that slow down your website and deliver a fast working website.

How Speedy Site Website Speed Optimization Services Work ?

Speedy Site’s dedicated team of WordPress developers help to increase your site speed and passing core web vitals. Improved website load time will help to improve the overall performance of your website. Speedy Site uses several factors like visual stability, interactivity, and loading to ascertain the website quality.

After that, the experts fix these issues and test & iterate them to deliver a guaranteed speedy website. Speedy Site’s extra attention to these factors and seamless improvement of the elements ensures that brands or businesses get a high score when measuring their website speed on speed measuring tools like Google Page Speed.

What Speedy Site Tackles

Speedy Site targets the following crucial factors that impact your website and create a seamless website experience:

Largest Contentful Paint (Loading)

 Largest Contentful Paint

Your audience must get the entire information on the screen without any delay when they visit your website. Slower loading speed means having elements that slow your website down, causing a delay in opening a website. This delay may be caused by page code, third-party scripts, and other large elements present in the website. Only experts like Speedy Site can identify the problematic areas and optimize them for better performance.

First Input Delay (Interactivity)

First Input Delay

After opening the website, a website must be interactive for the users. First Input Delay refers to the interactivity of a website when a user accesses a website. Interaction can include clicking on links within the website, choosing from the menu, entering email, etc. Speedy Site effectively increases the interactivity of the website and improves the overall user experience.

Cumulative Layout Shift (Visibility)

Cumulative Layout Shift

Cumulative Layout Shift can cause serious damage at times when not addressed timely. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) refers to the measuring standard for asserting the layout stability of a page when it loads. Learning the placement of images, boxes, and links once again after the website loads will create an interrupted/poor user experience. Speedy Site tackles such crucial elements and ensures that your website performance is always fast.

Beyond Exceptional Services

Speedy Site GUARANTEES Green Core Web Vitals to highly customized WordPress websites by going beyond the conventional rules of website management/optimization. They ensure that business or website owners get the most out of their services and offer WordPress website speed improvement.

● Properly setting up the cache to HTML, CSS & JS minification, and lazy loading to optimize the speed of the website.
● Speedy Site ensures that existing websites are free from any bloat in their databases. Cleaning websites databases helps a website run more smoothly and enhance user experience.
● Using best strategies for handling unused, consolidating plugins and handling specific functions performing plugins to enhance site speed.
● Crafting visual experience without compromising on the image quality. Team of Speedy Sites works on Compressing high-quality images without compromising on the image quality.
● An experienced team of developers help eCommerce-focused woocommerce sites to improve their websites and create a better user experience. Professional assessment and maintenance result in better conversion rates.

Speedy Site Simple Pricing Plan

Speedy site pricing

Speedy Site pricing plan works for 90% + wordpress websites and they are only ones in the market that guarantees Green Core Web Vitals

Pay one time of $299 and fix everything

• Minify HTML,JS & CSS
• Combine JS & CSS files
• Advanced Image Compression
• Enable Compression
• SSL Configuration check & Fix
• Custom Youtube Video Optimization
• CDN configuration check & fix
• Defer Javascript parsing

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Final Conclusion

Getting the core elements of the website equates to better/high performance of websites. Website improvement can directly affect visitor retention and even improve search engine ranking. Therefore, businesses must invest in the best WordPress speed optimization services, and what better than the one that guarantees Green Web Core Vitals?

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