SpyZooka Review 2023: The Top PC Cleaner & Antispyware?

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In today’s fast paced digital era, it’s no surprise that many computer users find themselves frustrated by sluggish PCs plagued with unwanted programs, spyware, cookies, and junk files. With countless security and PC optimization tools flooding the market, it can be a daunting task to find a trustworthy solution. Fortunately, there is one tool that stands head and shoulders above the rest: SpyZooka from ZookaWare.

SpyZooka has been empowering users to transform their devices into super fast and secure machines. By efficiently clearing junk files, resolving registry problems, eliminating tracking cookies, and removing spyware, SpyZooka offers a secure and optimized PC experience that is second to none. SpyZooka was first launched in 2004, was rebranded for over a decade and in Summer of 2023 went back to SpyZooka due to the AI malware features this company is launching soon.

SpyZooka at a Glance:

Product Name: SpyZooka and SpyZooka Pro

Company Name: Zookaware LLC

Product Type: Download

Compatibility: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11

Founded In: 2004, United States

Founders: Carl Haugen and Bogdan Necula

Price: SpyZooka offers 25 free forever tools, while SpyZooka Pro is available for just $39.95 per year.

Guarantee: 60 day money back guarantee

Website: https://spyzooka.com/

Customer Support: support@spyzooka.com


  • Only company to offer a 100% spyware removal guarantee
  • Delivers improvements in PC speed.
  • Ensures prolonged PC lifespan.
  • Offers automatic scans and free updates, minimizing user effort.
  • Daily spyware updates.
  • Monthly software updates with improvements and new features.
  • Removes unwanted tracking cookies while preserving desired cookies.
  • The highest standards of user privacy and security.
  • No bundled software, ads, upsells or sneaky tactics.
  • Beautiful easy to use interface.


  • Currently limited to Windows and not available for smartphones or Mac.
  • No phone support.

Let’s take a closer look at SpyZooka’s standout features:

100% Spyware Removal Guarantee

In today’s constant evolving landscape of malware, no antivirus or security tool can guarantee absolute protection against all threats. However, SpyZooka, offers a comprehensive solution by adding thousands of new malware to its malware database daily plus offers a unique feature called System Report.

Coming soon in summer of 2023, SpyZooka is adding proprietary AI analysis to System Report. System Report evaluates every program on your computer and assigns them a rating from 1 to 100 based on its rating system. This innovative approach allows SpyZooka to identify unknown threats, including malware, spyware, adware, toolbars and other unwanted programs that may have eluded traditional malware databases.

Removing malware is effortless with SpyZooka’s System Report. With a simple click of a button, you can remove any malware infection. SpyZooka verifies the program was removed and in extreme malware infections where the infection cannot be removed while Windows runs, which does happen, System Report will prompt you to restart your computer and removes the infection before Windows starts. It’s as simple as that!

All programs removed through System Report are automatically sent to SpyZooka for analysis and all malware are added to SpyZooka’s database. SpyZooka ensures that sending these files includes no personal information or other data about your computer or where the file came from. All users benefit from SpyZooka’s system that continually improves its malware database.

System Report is free for life

By upgrading to SpyZooka Pro, you gain an additional advantage. You can send your System Report to SpyZooka, which includes possible malware files, SpyZooka’s team analyzes these files and will update their malware database within 24 hours, effectively eliminating the specific infection on your computer. Within the first 60 days after your purchase, if SpyZooka fails to remove your malware issue within 24 hours, they provide a refund and generously offer you a free one year subscription to SpyZooka Pro.

SpyZooka’s commitment to constant innovation ensures that your computer remains protected against evolving malware threats like no other company offers.

Your Choice – Manual or Automatic Scans

SpyZooka’s scan effortlessly removes security threats from your PC, whether it’s spyware, malware, adware, unwanted toolbars, tracking cookies, or unwanted applications. It provides a thorough scan that clears junk files from all your browsers, Windows operating system, third party programs, and any file or folder of your choosing. Additionally, it resolves common registry issues during the scan. For enhanced security, you can even set SpyZooka to shred all scanned junk files, junk folders, and tracking cookies.

It effectively eliminates popup ads, spyware, and other harmful programs by constantly adding thousands of new threats daily.

Scan Pc

Improves Internet and PC Startup Speed

Many programs consume internet data in the background, resulting in a slower browsing experience. SpyZooka’s optimization tool tracks and disables these sneaky programs, leading to a significant improvement in overall internet speed and browsing efficiency. 

During my tests, SpyZooka’s optimizer section sped up my computer’s startup time by an impressive 30% simply by disabling unnecessary programs.

Optimize Windows

Your Solution for Uninstalling Stubborn Programs

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with stubborn programs that just won’t uninstall from your PC, SpyZooka is here to save the day. With its powerful uninstaller, SpyZooka has the ability to forcefully remove those pesky and persistent programs that seem impossible to get rid of. It doesn’t matter if the program’s installer is broken or corrupted, SpyZooka can still come to the rescue and ensure a successful uninstallation.

Uninstaller also displays many programs you won’t see in the Windows Add or remove programs section.

Uninstall the programs

SpyZooka’s Advanced Uninstaller: A Complete Clean Up Solution

When you uninstall a program, it’s frustrating to discover that it leaves behind a trail of residual files and registry keys. These remnants may seem harmless at first, but they can accumulate over time, cluttering your PC and potentially compromising your security by recording and sharing your activities with unauthorized parties.

Thankfully, SpyZooka comes to the rescue with its remarkable Uninstaller Monitor. With this feature, SpyZooka goes the extra mile to ensure that every time you uninstall a program, it thoroughly detects and removes all residual files and registry keys left behind. You have the flexibility to choose between automatic removal or receiving alerts about these files, empowering you to remove them with a simple click of a button. This proactive approach guarantees that your PC remains lean, optimized, and secure.

A Few More of Our Favorite SpyZooka Tools

In addition to these standout features, SpyZooka includes other handy tools that further enhance the PC optimization experience. Its Duplicate File Finder identifies and deletes duplicate files, freeing up valuable disk space. During my own test, I was surprised to find a whopping 842 duplicate files on my computer!

SpyZooka’s Software Updater ensures that you have the latest versions of software installed, keeping you secure and up to date. SpyZooka found 4 more outdated programs on my computer than Ccleaner did.

Free Monthly Software Updates

SpyZooka releases free software updates at least once a month, ensuring your PC stays up to date with the latest optimization tools and security threats.

The Most Ethical PC Cleaner and Antispyware

In contrast to other cleaning tools, SpyZooka prioritizes user privacy and security. It never collects user data, maintaining strict policies against tracking user information. SpyZooka never tracks mouse clicks or what you do on your computer.

Moreover, SpyZooka avoids deceptive practices such as scammy upsells, bundled software, bundled malware or selling remote support scams. These illegitimate sales tactics have led to the shutdown of numerous software companies.

Many files on your PC become locked by either the Windows operating system or another program on your computer. All other PC Cleaner’s we are aware of detect these files and then claim to remove them, when they in fact are not removed. SpyZooka detects locked files and any file that cannot be removed as it’s locked by another program is displayed after the scan as being locked. We appreciate the transparency that SpyZooka shows its users and not claiming something was removed, when it was not.

Daily Customer Support

SpyZooka doesn’t stop at providing exceptional features; it also delivers on customer support. With one of the best email and chat systems available, the company responds promptly to user queries in less than 24 hours, ensuring a smooth user experience.

SpyZooka is Better at a Lower Cost than Most Competitors

With an affordable price of just $39.95 per year, SpyZooka Pro outshines competitors who charge upwards of $60 annually. Plus, with a 60 day money back guarantee and a 15 day free trial, you have a risk free opportunity to experience the benefits it offers.

Is SpyZooka the Best?

SpyZooka from ZookaWare is not only the best PC optimization and security tool in the market, but it’s also the only one I recommend. It’s the only one with a 100% spyware removal guarantee. With its impressive track record, a vast Facebook fanbase, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, SpyZooka has proven its performance and reliability time and time again. If you want unparalleled PC performance and security, SpyZooka is an indispensable tool. Don’t miss out on securing and optimizing your PC – give SpyZooka a try today!

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