What Features To Look For In An Ideal File Manager

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The world today is racing at such a fast pace, that most individuals do not have the time to organize files on their computers, delete unwanted trash, sort folders and files etc. Sure, for some, it is a hobby. But for most people? They’d rather just keep accumulating files, purchasing more disk space and worry about the mess that is their computer.

But, how cool would it be if you had a manager taking care of this for you and more? The most efficient File Manager, oMega Commander, has been designed specifically to serve as a control center for your computers, helping you running multiple applications and maintaining smooth collaboration between them. So, let’s look at the top features of an ideal file manager. 

What’s so special about oMega Commander?

Here are some cool features of oMega Commander that is, no doubt, here to make your life easier.

  1. Easy and powerful integral editor- Yes, this is as smooth as it sounds. This feature gives you the ability to connect external editors and viewers, view files of any size, convert files encoding, transition from viewing to editing with a single press and so much more. You can also highlight identical fragments of text and paired brackets.
  2. Sequential renaming- There cannot be a better way to save time than using this file management tool. It helps you to edit multiple filenames at once, replace names and extensions quickly and edit position highlighting in adjacent files.
  3. Hotlist– With the Hotlist feature, you can quickly navigate to the desired folders, use Hotkeys for opening your list items in a jiffy, easily add new folders and have your own set of basic folders, programs, sites or commands.
  4. Easy fonts customization- Say goodbye to navigating through the entire screen and looking to customize your content with fonts. Here, you have the option to adjust fonts on the spot rather than digging deep into settings.
  5. Tree pane- You can now view two trees, one for each file panel or easily open and switch to a tree. Quick search and fine-tuning of the tree view are also some features that will come in handy.
  6. Feedback function- Reporting an issue can sometimes drain all the energy out of you due to poor feedback navigation. But, with oMega Commander, you can swiftly report the hassles you are facing along with screenshots to your message. You can also put in your email for further clarification of details.

If the above features have blown your mind, then sit back and take a minute to relax, because there are so many more features in this File Manager that you need to wrap your mind around.

Why this and not any other File Management Tool?

oMega Commander has been designed carefully with attention to details, keeping in mind the day-to-day struggle that individuals go through. The numerous features that this has to offer is what every person, who owns many programs and manages extensive directory structures, needs. With this, you can-

  • Work efficiently and cozily
  • Customize according to your preferences
  • Save time
  • Live a budgeted, yet smooth life

Final Verdict

With cartloads of work mounted on your head, it might get difficult to focus, in-turn leading to more stress and confusion. But, with oMega Commander, you can sit back and relax with being ensured that most of your work is now a breeze. It is also available in a myriad of new languages like Swedish, French, Dutch, Polish, German, Chinese, Slovak, Finnish, Czech (in addition to the already packaged previous versions- Belarusian, English, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, and Ukrainian). The best part? It is very easy on your pocket. Explore the perfect file manager today!