Share Another User Profile on Your Story – Latest feature of Instagram

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Share Another User Profile on Your Story

Meta-owned company Instagram (audio and video sharing platform) to announce new feature that will allow people to share another user’s story with their own story helping creators to get more followers and increase their reach.

According to Paluzzi, “Profile of another person shared as a Story, will display that individual’s first three posts, and details such as profile name and bio.”

Everything you need to know about this new feature

  • The new feature will work similarly to the existing “Add to Story” option and allow users to follow the profile shared as a ‘Story’.
  • Profiles shared on the stories will disappear in 24 hours
  • With this new feature users to directly give a shout-out to their favourite creators by letting them post their profile as a story
  • Small content creators who have just started on Instagram can increase their reach and get more views

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