WhatsApp Limits Forward Messages Count for Indian Users in Recent Update

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WhatsApp, one of the widely used application, took only a few months to reach maximum userbase. By default, every mobile phone user installs this application in their device. Recently, people using the updated version should have noticed some changes in the forwarding option. This is because, on last Wednesday, instant messaging service company has announced that forward messages are limited only to 5 users for over 200 million users in India.

Reason for this Update

In the current version, they have also deleted the quick forward button. These actions are done in order to stop the spreading of fake messages and videos all across India. The company said that WhatsApp was designed to be a private messaging app. So, to avoid miscommunications and to provide privacy for the users these restrictions are implemented. This is the big update after the last payment feature update from the company.

The company CEO also said that a video will be released soon to educate people about the importance of forwarding. This allows people to identify fake news. One can easily report spam or block a contact if they find any wrong news. In India, it is limited to 5 users but in other countries, it is limited to 20 users. This is because more misinformation sharing is increasingly growing in India. People don’t analyze the messages carefully before forwarding. Nearly 39 incidents of lynching have been spotted recently in India.

A few weeks ago, the department of telecommunication has sent a letter to the telecom company to create ways to block social media networks on the internet. Even cellular operator association of India asked the government to find easy effective methods to stop spreading of fake news. This association also suggested that blocking mobile apps won’t help in solving these problems.

Many people thought limiting the user’s count could never stop the spreading of fake messages in WhatsApp instead, a proper awareness and insight must be provided to people about miscommunications and the problems related to it.

What’s coming in the future?

The Facebook-owned company is creating a feature to test suspicious links on Android beta platform. This marks a link red if the app finds anything dangerous or unnecessary. Even after this mark, if people continue to use, a warning will be given and later your actions will be monitored.

Final Thoughts

It’s always in the hands of a million people to use an app effectively and wisely. Creating problems to the society will not be anyone’s intention but everyone must make proper analysis before forwarding a message or video in WhatsApp.

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