Ragic Review 2023:- Perfect Database Builder for Your Business (Updated)

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Ragic Database Builder

How to organize and analyze data in such a way that allows you to identify trends and gain insights?

How much time do you devote to figuring out how to use your cumbersome ERP systems?

Are you fed-up with Excel chaos and exorbitant database maintenance costs?

If you are bothered by any of the above issues, this article is for you. Here Ragic comes as an affordable solution for all your problems. This easy-to-use software will help you create reports that show important trends and provide insights into your company’s progress! Ragic can be used by anyone and has a number of features including: Customize sheets and reports, sort, filter, and create relations without any coding skills. With this system, it will be easier to make your files both functional and aesthetically pleasing. You can also use Ragic to build a variety of business applications. It’s time you take control of your data and save up on all that precious time by turning to this new software.

What Can Ragic (Web Database Builder) do?

  • Help everyone manage data with ease: Ragic is intuitive and powerful at the same time.  Without writing a line of code, you can build anything from small contact management databases to fully-fledged no-code ERP systems that allow you to keep track of customer quotes, assign project tasks, manage e-mail conversations, run marketing campaigns, track payments and receivables, control your inventory, analyze sales data, and more. 
Sales order
  • There are no strict and complicated enterprise software packages, and you can quickly develop a database that fits your organisation. 
  • It provides collections of templates to get you started. 
  • FREE data management tools.
  • It provides 54 templates to meet the needs of diverse entrepreneurial data management purposes that you can download for free.
  • There are 18 management facets and 54 application types: Regardless of the department you work in (production, marketing, customer service, project management, administration, human resources, legal affairs, research and development, procurement, warehousing, etc.), Ragic has a data management solution that will make your job easier!
  • Manage orders in a super-easy way! It helps you manage customer, merchandise, product pricing, and order information. When placing a purchase, using Ragic’s data connecting technologies, retrieving client and product information is as simple as clicking a button!
  • Production management flow with no bottlenecks: Production flow, bill of materials (BOM), work and pick orders, and material management data are all in good hands!
  • A customer relationship management system that genuinely connects the dots: Ragic’s CRM template makes it easy to construct clear links between client contacts, work item kinds, sales possibilities, contracts, and quotation records!
  • Project management made simple and flexible: Your worksheet includes project assignment information, schedule management, and to-do lists!
  • Giving you the best human resource management experience possible- without the headaches! Basic employee information papers, performance reviews, overtime work, and leave of absence forms are all at your fingertips!
  • Fully Customizable – if none of the templates suits you, you can always build one based on your specific needs.

Why choose Ragic as a Web Database Builder?

Ragic Tools
  • Powerful and Simple
  • Mobile Access: View, enter, and edit records on the go.
  • Search and Query: Instantly finding the data you want.
  • Access Control: Decide on who can view, edit, or create entries in your database.
  • Build Relations: Establish relationships between sheets without writing a line of code.
  • Reports: Visualization of your data with reports.
  • Generate Office Documents: Generate Word and Excel files using Mail-Merge. 
  • Works with Excel: Import / export Excel sheets and files in batch or create a database with excel sheets.
  • Approval: initiate approval processes with a single click.
  • Reminders: Get the latest updates to your database with e-mail and on-screen notifications and reminders.
  • Calendar: Track all the dates.
  • Version History: With little additional effort, keep track of any minor change in your database design. Your records are kept for you by the precise version history.
  • Data Security: Provides multi-layered data protection.
  • Integration: Syncing and merging data across platforms/applications.

Pros and Cons of using Ragic


  • Database Builder is easy to use
  • Quick reponse from a Ragic support team if you need any help
  • Security
  • 3 Free database in free plan
  • IOS App is really good
  • No coding required
  • Excel Import


  • Reporting is bit complex

Who can use Ragic?

Don’t want to get in touch with an IT guy and If you don’t like programming but looking for something similar like a spreadsheet on the internet as an online application.

Ragic Pricing Plans

We suggest you to take the free trial of Ragic which is available in all the plans

Let’s have a look at each plan

Free Plan

  • Free software for your business
  • Get 3 database with 1000 records each
  • Unlimited templates and records

Lite Plan ($5 per user/month)

  • Tons of records and light customization
  • Unlimited records
  • 5 custom sheets
  • Unlimited templates

Professional ($19 per user/month)

Make everyone a data expert using this plan

  • Unlimited records, custom sheets, templates
  • On premises option

Concurrent Users ($499 /month)

Plan designed for large companies with a lot of users

All professional features

  • 10 concurrent users at a time

Enterprise ($550 /month)

All features of concurrent users +

  • Concurrent user option
  • Custom pages
  • Uptime SLA’s

For more details on pricing click here

Final Conclusion

Data is the new gold. Data plays a key role in everything from product development to sales and marketing. The last thing you want is for your data to become an unmanageable mess. However, not everyone has the skills to use an Excel spreadsheet or a complicated ERP system, which is why many people are turning to Ragic as a more efficient and flexible alternative. Ragic is a powerful data management tool that helps users turn Excel sheets into customizable databases and insightful reports that can be accessed from any device. It saves time and money for anyone who has a lot of data to manage. With Ragic’s user-friendly interface and convenient tools, anyone can organize, access, and analyze data with ease, and be their own data expert!