Samsung’s Magic Invisible Keyboard Lets You Type on A Cafe Table

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What probably could you think of when somebody talks of a keyboard? A traditional QWERTY-based keyboard – the one we see in every house or office throughout the world. Well, hold your breath while I introduce you to a revolutionary product.

Samsung revealed an interesting concept they built for keyboard evolution. A revolutionary “invisible” keyboard has been shown at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It’s an invention that you can’t physically see as it is an invisible A.I. powered keyboard. The company has named it “SelfieType”.

According to The Verge, this invention was conceptualised and developed in Samsung’s C-Lab.


But, How Does It Work?

Though a few products like the Laser Projection Keyboard has been introduced earlier, Samsung’s conceptual keyboard is a bit different. Unlike the use of lasers or projection, SelfieType uses a phone’s selfie camera to track your hands. Just angle your device’s selfie camera toward your hands. And done! You can start typing on any surface in front of you, even a café table. Powered by machine learning, it can turn the movement of your fingers into keystrokes.

SelfieType requires no additional tool and can be used across devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops.

How Convenient Is an Invisible Keyboard?

Talking about the feasibility, it seems a little inconvenient. It may be innovative but can give users a tough time practically.

For those of you having accurate touch-typing might find it suitable. However, if you tend to look at the keys, you may find it difficult to realise what keys you’re typing.

But, if the invisible keyboard concept overcomes the issues mentioned above, it could be an attracting and successful product. Honestly, it is difficult carrying a Bluetooth or even a foldable keyboard. This invention could prove revolutionary for writers, professionals who work travel a lot.

The product is not yet available for end-users, and will probably take some more time to be accessible.