Compare :- Apple Iphone XR Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 – Which one should you buy in 2019

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Iphone XR Vs Samsung Galaxy S10

Apple recently launched its budget-friendly smartphone iPhone XR and again became the favorite of many people. Most of the features of this model has been kept similar to iPhone XS but the price is quite cheaper.

Samsung, which is considered as one of the biggest competitors for Apple, has now stepped in the market and has given its answer to Apple XR with its newly launched smartphone called Samsung S10. Samsung has also taken care to add a number of desired features in their smartphone while keeping it wallet-friendly.

Though, both the phones from the brands are affordable in their price range; but there are many differences in many aspects of the phones such as their screen size, processor power, camera, headphone jack, etc.

If you too want a detailed and relevant comparison in these two models, then let us dig in some of the useful information about the same.

iPhone XR Vs Samsung S10 comparison – the differences:

  1. Design

Talking about the design of both the phones, Samsung S10 stands as a clear winner. iPhone XR design is not considered as futuristic as that of Samsung S10. Though, iPhone has launched its XR model in varying colors but the model under Samsung brand appears to be more fantastic in its limited colors availability.

iPhone XR does not have the bezel-less look and also features a notch, whereas, on the other hand, Samsung S10 offers an infinity O display with minimal bezel display. The S10 model also offers IP68 certification which is greater than the IP67 certification available with iPhone XR.

Other than this, both the phones do not include the water damage in their offered warranty.

  1. Display

Just like the design of the phones, Samsung S10 is a clear winner in the display characteristic as well.

The AMOLED display available in Samsung offers high resolution, better contrast, better and wide viewing angles, vividness, etc. Along with this, it also supports HRD10 for delivering amazing picture quality.

Coming to the display qualities offered by iPhone XR, it is a good panel with great display settings but it is nowhere close to what is offered by Samsung S10.

  • iPhone XR – available with 6.1-inches liquid retina LCD and 1792 X 828P
  • Samsung S10 – available with 6.1-inches curved infinity O, dynamic AMOLED, HRD10, and 1440 X 3040P
  1. Chipset

Chipset is one crucial area that determines the performance of the smartphone and it is the same area in which both the phones have a close call to offer.

With Samsung S10, you get 7nm Snapdragon 855 chipset which offers great performance and advancement in terms of efficiency.  Without a doubt, this chipset of Samsung is excellent in its ways but it is not as powerful as the chipset available in the Apple XR model.

The 7nm A12 bionic chipset available in Apple XR is at par excellence in terms of performance, efficiency, and consistency. It can easily support the use of high-quality games which lacks in the Android S10 chipset.

  • iPhone XR – 7nm A12 bionic chipset
  • Samsung S10 – 7nm Snapdragon 855 chipset
  1. Camera

Now, this is something that most of the users look into a smartphone. Without any second thoughts, both the phones are excellent in terms of camera quality and thus can be trusted to offer you with the best pictures.

On one hand, where Samsung S10 is a smartphone with better versatility, on the other hand, Apple XR is a smartphone which offers precise and detailed photography.

iPhone comes with a single rear camera and S10 comes with 3 rear cameras and as a result, is more versatile. You can also rely on S10 camera quality for clicking amazing clicks of the landscape.

On the front side, Samsung Galaxy S10 offers 10MP selfie camera. The improved sensor for selfie pictures ensures that the users can get amazing selfies even in low light.

The iPhone XR comes with a 7MP TrueDepth camera. You can use this camera for adding more depth and life to your photos.

  • iPhone XR – 12MP camera, 1.4um pixel pitch, Smart HDR, portrait mode with advanced bokeh settings
  • Samsung S10 – triple camera of 12MP, 16MP, 12MP, 1.4um pixel pitch, 2x optical zoom, auto HDR, live focus with advanced bokeh settings, super speed dual pixel
  1. Storage

Concentrating on the internal storage and the RAM, Samsung Galaxy S10 offers a decent value perspective than Apple XR.

The base model of Apple XR is available with 3GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

Samsung takes a step ahead in this domain as well and offers 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage in its base model, which is simply twice of what Apple offers.

  • iPhone XR – 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
  • Samsung S10 – 128GB, 512GB, along with micro SD card slot
  1. Battery life

What will you do with a phone which doesn’t offer you with decent battery life?

Simply nothing! You need battery availability in your phone for relying on the various features that it has in its store.

Therefore, checking on the offered battery is one of the crucial areas when choosing in between Apple XR and Samsung S10.

iPhone XR is available with 2,942mAh battery and Samsung S10 comes with 3,400mAh battery. Despite coming with a bigger battery, Samsung lacks in delivering the desired performance with its battery and as a result, Apple wins in this domain.

Since, Samsung comes with OLED display which requires more battery; you will face battery issues with Samsung Galaxy S10. On the other hand, with LCD display, Apple XR maintains its consistency by offering better battery life.

  • iPhone XR – better battery backup and performance
  • Samsung S10 – lacks in battery performance

Final Verdict

Both the smartphones are reliable and offer great benefits and performance to their users, however, Samsung S10 slightly gets an upper hand than Apple XR. Overall, the recent launch of Samsung S10 is quite impressive and offers new technology available at a cheaper price.

Let us know, which of the two phones do you like and why? You can also share your opinions and suggestions by commenting below.