Create your own messenger with chat and video calling in minutes using Quickblox

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Including a live chat feature on your website will help you directly connect with visitors and convert them into potential customers. In fact, a chatting application is a must-have to facilitate interactions within and outside your enterprise. Real-time chat enables employees to connect with each other and also with customers, suppliers, and business partners with ease. 

Rather than relying on a third-party chat application, you may want to consider building your own which can then be customized to fit your specific use case and brand.  In fact there are many advantages to building a customized messenger for your business. Furthermore, it doesn’t involve writing huge amounts of code or waiting months to get started. 

QuickBlox offers APIs and SDKs to build a unique and 100% customizable chatting application for your business needs. They offer Android, iOS, and Javascript SDKs for native apps, while their Reactive Native and Flutter SDKs can be used for cross-platform development. Integrate their APIs with your existing system and host the application on any cloud (AWS, Azure, private, etc.) or in your office servers. 

Products/ Features of QuickBlox

Quickblox is a feature-rich application developed to suit the varying requirements of different businesses. Their APIs and SDKs are straight-forward to use and are provided with detailed documentation and code samples to integrate.  

#1.) Chat 

The live chat feature is a convenient way to enable communication between different parties. It facilitates project collaborations, team discussions, customer communication, and much more. You can access the chat history to keep track of conversations. You can create public and private chat groups and share files.

#2.) Push Notifications 

Push notifications are a fantastic way to stay in touch with customers and business partners. You can send alerts about new releases, offers, discounts, deals, appointments, bookings, instructions, reminders, and much more. For example, a healthcare center can send alerts to patients about upcoming doctor appointments or reminders to buy their monthly medication. Set up notifications to be sent during a certain time frame and customize the content accordingly. 

#3.) Voice and Video Calling 

Doctors, physicians, fitness trainers, mentors, etc., can have one-to-one visual interactions with their customers/ patients. Built on secure WebRTC technology, this feature allows high-quality and low latency video communication to your apps. Reach out and directly interact with your target audiences. You can switch between voice and video calls.

#4.) Video Conferencing 

Do your team members have to directly interact with clients to explain/ guide/walkthrough something? QuickBlox offers a video conferencing feature that can be customized for your business. Guide your clients and business partners in using your products/ services and offer excellent customer service. Educational institutions can integrate QuickBlox with their LMS to use the video conferencing feature for live classes. No need to rely on any other third-party apps. 

Why Choose QuickBlox?

What makes QuickBlox a reliable platform to develop and host chatting applications? 

  • It is easy to use and integrate with your existing systems. The support team will guide you through the process. 
  • The features are flexible and scalable. You can upgrade the price plan to add more users to the chatting applications. 
  • It saves time and money by making the entire process simpler. Why build your own chatting app when you can use an API and customize it? 
  • The company is HIPPA and GDPR compliant, so be assured that your data is secure. Moreover, it offers cross-platform services. 

Quickblox Pricing 

QuickBlox has five pricing plans to cater to an array of clients. Whether you are a freelancer with a small website or a large enterprise with a multinational presence, there’s a plan for each of you. 

Basic: Free plan; for 500 users, 10 MB file size limit, and one-month data retention.

Starter: $99/month; up to 10,000 users, three-month data retention; 25 MB file size limit, core and advanced features, add-ons, peer-to-peer audio/ video calls, and ticketing support system. 

Growth: $249/month; a total of 25,000 users, six months of data retention, 50 MB file size limit, all features of Starter Plan. 

HIPAA Cloud: $399/month; custom data retention, 50 MB file size limit, all features of the Growth Plan, data encryption, and a BAA

Enterprise: starts at $599/month; all features offered by the company with full customization.  

Pros & Cons 


  • Flexibility 
  • Reliable customer service
  • Easy to integrate 
  • Several features 
  • Customization 
  • Cloud and on-premises hosting 


  • The pricing can be a little confusing 

Quickblox Trusted by Top Partners

Final Takeaway….

QuickBlox is a comprehensive platform that helps you build your own messenger for your business. The out-of-the-book features require no coding or complex actions to work in the given setup. 

QuickBlox also offers Whitelabel communication solutions. You can choose between on-premises and cloud hosting services for data retention, video calling, etc. More than 30K software developers and businesses have used the QuickBlox platform to build chat applications.