ProxyGuys Review – Best 4G Mobile Proxy and VPN Services in the USA

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Is your business based in the USA? Are your target audiences located in the United States? From market research to SEO monitoring and more, you will need a reliable and exclusive service provider who offers access to the IPs in the country. 

What if you can get instant access to more than 50 million unblocked 4G mobile IPs in the US? Would it not help in creating a better marketing strategy to attract your target audiences? 

ProxyGuys is a 4G mobile proxy provider that works exclusively in the US. The company has 4G LTE modems in more than 25 cities across the United States and offers multiple proxy/VPN services to its clients. 


The service provided by Proxy Guys is 100% compliant with US and international laws. The company uses ethical means to deliver consistent and reliable speed at any time. ProxyGuys is the only USA 4G mobile proxy that lets you retain an IP as long as you want. There are no forced IP changes either. And not just that, you can get a new IP in 5 seconds. Cool, right? 

Each proxy license uses up to 8500 unique IPs every day. The company is known for offering 24×7 live customer support. 

Features of ProxyGuys

  • Various Locations

The mobile proxy services of the company can be used in multiple locations in the US. The list of places can be found on the website. 

  • No Activity Logs

There is no need to worry about information leaks or storing of data by the company. Your confidential data will always be safe. 

  • 100% Legal & Ethical Business

The computers and phones you access are free of viruses and other malicious software. The company offers its services through premium carriers and doesn’t compromise on quality or ethics. 

  • Paid Surveys

The residential proxy services offered by the company work the best on paid survey sites. Why wait any longer then? 

  • Auto Rotating IPs

You can set up the timing to automatically rotate the IPs (between 1 minute and 24 hours). It can be done for multiple locations and single locations as well. 

  • Secure & Safe

The proxies work with secure sites and VPN protocol, and just about every operating system. You don’t have to worry about not being able to access something in particular. 

  • Fast Account Setup

The company sets up your account in around 10 minutes, no matter how many IPs you buy. 

  • IP Whitelisting

The company can Whitelist one IP or provide User Pass Authentication for you (unless IPs are in the same subnet).

  • 24*7 Live Chat Support

The company specifies that its 24*7 live customer support is managed by real agents rather than bots. 

  • Change Your IP Address

Get a fresh IP in 1 click with 5-10 seconds & Keep working on your 4G LTE proxy/VPN as long as you need.

How To Use ProxyGuys (Step-By-Step)

#Step1:- Click or Copy/Paste the url

#Step2:- Enter your username & password

#Step3:- Click on the proxies assigned to you

#Step4:- Select the location and click on Connect button

#Step 5:- Enter the proxy port in your browser ( If you are using HTTPS then use 8000 and if you are SOCKS5 then use 9000)


The company offers a free one-hour demo to decide if the USA mobile proxy services are suitable for your business. Apart from that, Proxy Guys provides 5 pricing plans to choose from. 

  • Multi-Location 24 Hr Day Pass at $20: One 4G LTE Proxy/VPN License, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Instant IP Changes, Unlimited Instant Location Changes, Custom Auto-Rotation (between 1min and 24 hours), IP Whitelisting or User & Pass Auth (Proxy Only), and Web Portal + API + Firefox & Chrome Plugin (Proxy Only). 
  • Multi-Location Week Pass at $80 per Week: Same as the previous plan. 
  • Multi-Location Monthly Pass at $300 per Month: Same as the previous plan. 
  • Multi-Location Bulk Order at $1125 per month (for a discount of 35%): Five 4G LTE Proxy/VPN Licenses and the rest is the same as the previous plan. 
  • Single Location Monthly Pass at $180 per Month: Single Location 4G LTE Proxy/VPN, Access to ONE Location, Unlimited Bandwidth (with no API access and a bandwidth throttling after 225GB of data usage), Unlimited Instant IP Changes, If you want IP Rotation we can set (1min – 24 hours), and IP Whitelisting or User & Pass Auth (Proxy Only). 

The company has released a new plan for Shared Auto-Rotating proxies at $40 per week. 

ProxyGuys Pros

  • Largest Mobile Proxy Provider in USA – 50 million IP addresses
  • Proxy Speed is good
  • Good Session Management
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexible Payment Plans

ProxyGuys Cons

  • Quite Expensive
  • Support to Limited Locations only

What customers say about ProxyGuys

Final Conclusion 

If you want to get a premium 4g mobile proxy/ VPN license to change the mobile IP as many times as you want, look no further than ProxyGuys. The best part is that almost all the plans include the same features so that you don’t have to compromise on what you want for your business. 

We have tried the free demo version to see how it worked and are glad to inform you that it was hassle-free and consistent. Get as much data as you want from millions of mobile proxies you can instantly access when you sign up for the 4G mobile proxy and VPN services in the USA from Proxy Guys.