Proxyempire Review 2024:- Residential and Mobile Proxies (Updated)

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ProxyEmpire - Residential and Mobile Proxies

Web scraping and data gathering are a part of the business process. The data collected from multiple websites is used to create effective marketing strategies for the business. Companies use proxy IPs to collect data in bulk from different websites around the world. 

ProxyEmpire offers data gathering and web scraping services using residential proxies. You can access websites from more than 150 countries. ProxyEmpire has 3,000,000+ IP addresses for you to use. 

Reasons to Use ProxyEmpire for Web Scraping and Data Collection

What makes ProxyEmpire the right choice for your data collection needs? Let’s take a look. 

1.) SERP Data Aggregation of the Website 

Cracking the SEO code shouldn’t be too difficult when you know what your target audiences want. Use ProxyEmpire to gather the necessary information without being blocked by sites your users visit. With localized and global proxy addresses to choose from, you can choose the best possible IPs for data gathering. 

2.) Unlock the Secret Tricks to Ace Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing relies on local followers and users. Who should be the influencer in that city/ state/ country? How can they take your brand to a new set of audiences? Use residential proxies to gather data from social media platforms like Instagram for each market. 

3.) Verify Ads and Weed Out Frauds 

No one wants adware junk traffic to the website when running a campaign, right? Use ProxyEmpire to reverse-check the IPs and verify them. You can weed out the fraudulent IPs and focus only on the authentic ones. 

4.) Stock Market is Now Your Friend 

Use real-time stock market data to gather more knowledge about market trends and investment opportunities. Get localized market trends from 150+ countries. 

5.) Sneaker Resellers Hit the Jackpot 

Slip through the radar set up by top sneaker brands to prevent sellers from grabbing their limited-period models. They may prevent bot purchases, but can’t stop residential proxies. ProxyEmpire will get you past the restrictions.

6.) Get Through the Hotel and Airline Website Restrictions 

Airline and hotel websites follow the toughest protocols that prevent data collection using bots. However, the clean residential IPs provided by ProxyEmpire will easily get past the restrictions, that too, without raising an alarm or getting blocked by the site.

7.) Your Brand is Yours to Protect 

Getting your idea stolen by another business or competitor doesn’t feel good, isn’t it? Patents and intellectual property rights work only when you know who stole your brand’s core ideas. Use ProxyEmpire to monitor intellectual protect theft and take the necessary action. 

8.) Sell the Product for the Best Price Anywhere in the World 

In dynamic market conditions, the success of your retail business lies in how well you price the products. Use geo-tagging to gather data about the market prices and adjust accordingly. Use data in real-time to continue attracting customers from every market. 

Features of ProxyEmpire

Though ProxyEmpire is relatively a new name in the market, the platform has gained a reputation as being a reliable and trustworthy service provider. The support services are prompt. The features are attractive, flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. Whether you are a freelance marketer or a business owner, ProxyEmpire has a plan that suits your requirements. 

➢ It promises a 99.6% uptime guarantee. There’s very little risk of losing the connection during website scraping. 

➢ The IP addresses are clean. No need to worry about being exposed to cybercriminals or using IPs that might get blocked by websites. 

➢ The residential and mobile IPs allow you to filter and target websites based on a range of factors such as country, region, city, location, and even ISPs and carriers. 

Proxy Manager

➢ ProxyEmpire offers rotating residential proxies, where you can use the unspent data the next month. 

➢ The proxies work with different connection protocols like HTTPS, HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. 

➢ You’ll have no issues with integrating the proxies with your existing software to collect and store data in real-time. 

ProxyEmpire Dashboard


Using the dashboard you can easily identify how much data you have used and what’s left for both residential and mobile proxies. This chart gets updated on daily basis and don’t show the current day data.

Easily visualize your data activity and usage spanning in the last 30 days.

ProxyEmpire Pricing

They offer 2 types of plans:- Residential & Mobile plans

1.) Residential Plans

Residential Plans
  • Starter – 3GB (Cost – $45/month) i.e $15 per GB
  • Hobby  – 15GB (Cost – $150/month) i.e $10 per GB
  • Startup – 40GB (Cost – $300/month) i.e $7.5 per GB
  • Business  – 100GB (Cost – $600/month) i.e $6 per GB
  • Company  – 250GB (Cost – $1250/month) i.e $5 per GB
  • Enterprise  – 1 TB (Cost – $4000/month) i.e $4 per GB

2.) Mobile Plans

Mobile Plans
  • Mobile A – 2GB (Cost – $60/month) i.e $30 per GB
  • Mobile S  – 5GB (Cost – $150/month) i.e $30 per GB
  • Mobile M – 12GB (Cost – $300/month) i.e $25 per GB
  • Mobile L  – 30GB (Cost – $660/month) i.e $22 per GB
  • Mobile XL  – 85GB (Cost – $1530/month) i.e $18 per GB
  • Enterprise M  – 300 GB (Cost – $4500/month) i.e $15 per GB

All the above plans include rollover bandwidth, 150+ countries, Granual Targeting and Email Support.

Pros and Cons 


  • Provides access to all global websites
  • Good customer support 
  • Reliable service providers
  • Multiple plans to choose from 
  • User-friendly 


  • There isn’t much information about this new company in the market 

Contact ProxyEmpire Team

Do you have any questions? Contact ProxyEmpire team at or join the Telegram Group – “proxyempireupdates”

Final Words 

ProxyEmpire is a worthy service provider if you are looking for a cost-effective web scraping solution for your business. The mobile proxies work with 4G networks and collect information with ease. Use the data gathered through ProxyEmpire to fine-tune your marketing strategies and gain an edge over your competitors in the market.