Organize All Your Marketing Plans at One Place with Planstack

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Each team in an enterprise uses a different app/ software to track the projects and deadlines. More often than not, there is a definite lack of communication between the teams that leads to missed deadlines and lost opportunities. 

Why can’t the team from various departments collaborate with each other and work in sync? Why can’t one team know of the deadlines set for another team? 

With Planstack, there is a place for all teams to work together, organize their projects, and combine their efforts to collectively get the job done. You can forget spreadsheets and silos. Planstack is advanced, effective, and seamless to use. 


From marketing campaigns to the editorial board, social media management, event and PR management, email marketing, eCommerce, and more, all your plans and deadlines are aligned the way you want. Every team member will know where things stand and what needs to be done. This increases communication and productivity while reducing stress. 

Features of Planstack 

Planstack has been developed based on three vital principles- organization, visibility, and alignment. The features of the software cater to the same. 

  • Create multiple workspaces in the same place. Each team has its own dedicated space and can provide access to other teams to view their plans.
  • Are you worried that others might make changes without your notice? You can create a password-protected link and enable view-only sharing. 
  • Enable transparency without compromising on data security. 
  • Want to work in the dark mode and protect your eyes from glare? Planstack comes in dark mode too. 
  • Why let your marketing calendar have the logo of another company? Make it your own. Customize the branding and use your business logo. 

What are the most common types of Marketing Calendar?

1.Editorial Content Calendar

Managing content is not as easy as it appears. The topics keep changing. You’ll need more writers; the deadlines fly past and whatnot! 

The editorial contextual calendar solves the problem. Add tags, arrange the requirements, mark the ones that are done, and move things around when necessary. Why scroll through a confusing spreadsheet when Planstack provides a lovely template to manage your work with ease? 

Editorial Content Calendar

There’s more. You can organize the editorial calendar based on the target audience, the marketing channel, the content authors, and so on. 

2. Digital Marketing Calendar

You need a calendar accessible by all teams so that the marketing plans are followed to the dot. Imagine the editorial team not being aware of a deadline to post a blog about the latest product launch. It’s a crisis, right? 

For example we create one entry for our facebook campaign which is going live on 7 June 20201

Digital Marketing Calendar

Similarly you can create for Instagram, Press Release, Twitter and Website.

Avert all such crisis situations by creating a digital marketing calendar that’s automatically combined with all the channel plans. Everything is comprehensive now, and things will go smoothly. 

3. Marketing Campaign Calendar

Building a marketing campaign calendar is super easy. Every channel owner gets their space to put up the plans and add tags. This can be viewed by other channel owners. It helps in increasing coordination and leads to improved results and a higher success rate. 

 Marketing Campaign Calendar

The email will be sent on time, the social media posts will be live, and the editorial team will have the content ready for posting. There’s no need to worry about any mix-ups and lost opportunities. All your marketing campaigns will start exactly when they should. 

Planstack Pricing 

Planstack Pricing

The company believes in keeping it simple. It offers just two plans

👉 Basic Free Plan: You can add up to 3 users. You have access to unlimited views and entries and provide advanced permissions to the team members. 

👉 Team Plan (with $10/ user): Everything is unlimited in this plan while also offering two extra features such as sharing a view-only file and custom branding the software. 

 Final Conclusion

Naturally, every team would want the planner to look different. Planstack offers a tailored view for each team so that everyone is comfortable using the software for planning and collaboration. From knowing when a social media post will be shared (and on which platform) to tracking when the products will be officially launched, the team will always know what’s happening in other areas of the business. 

We’ve started using Planstack, and our team members find it very easy to plan their projects. With everything presented in a unified view, there’s no need to go back and forth in emails to confirm dates and risk miscommunication. 

Do you still need more information on marketing calendars?

Check out Planstack and discover all the ways how you can use the marketing calendars for your business.