Lebesgue Review 2023: Create Smarter Marketing Strategies with Advanced Analytics 

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Retailers and eCommerce business owners have to constantly fight the market competition to be successful. Marketing and promotions are a vital part of the process as they bring more leads and customers to your business. 

Your marketing strategy has to be powerful and proactive to generate sales and profits. Identifying gaps and errors will give you a chance to fix the issues and enhance your marketing strategies. This brings more leads while optimizing the investment in ads and promotional campaigns. 

Lebesgue is a comprehensive AI-based analytical tool that allows you to analyze your current marketing strategy and competitors for various parameters. Each data point can be explored to determine what can be done to get improved results. 

Let’s review Lebesgue to understand what it offers and how the tool helps store owners and eCommerce businesses. 


Lebesgue is a platform that analyzes your marketing efforts and provides in-depth insights. Use the graphical reports to understand how to correct the mistakes in your marketing campaigns and increase conversions. It is a cloud-based platform and is available as an app on Shopify Store. 

Lebesgue offers a wide range of features to track, measure, analyze, and fine-tune your marketing and advertising activities. It uses data from search engines and social media ads and provides a detailed analysis of the top three competitors you choose. This cloud-based tool can be used by eCommerce business owners and marketers. 

How Lesbegue Works?

Lebesque is an app to analyze the marketing and LTV of an eCommerce business to identify mistakes businesses make when advertising on platforms like Google, TikTok and Facebook. The app provides actionable insights that allow you to correct the errors in your marketing strategies and fine-tune the campaigns to reach more users. It aims to bring more customers to your eCommerce business. 

The app primarily optimizes online campaigns to amplify the results. This increases ROI for your business. You can also increase the conversion rate and grow your business by having a better understanding of how to plan your ad campaigns to attract the right kinds of audience. 

Lebesque seamlessly integrates with Shopify websites and stores. It helps you track all your marketing strategies and efforts from a single interface. Be it ad monitoring, competitor analysis, market overview, or customer LTV, Lebesque delivers insights in near-real-time. It is a comprehensive tool to redefine your eCommerce marketing strategy and grow your business. 

Top Features of Lebesgue 

1.) Competitors’ Intelligence

You need to know your competitor’s marketing efforts and results. Lebesgue makes it easy by providing in-depth analytics for three competitor brands you want to track. 

Competitor Analysis

2.)Track Campaigns 

Lebesgue analyzes the ad campaigns to provide personalized recommendations and increase conversions. This feature delivers insights based on the daily ad performance by finding differences, unusual patterns, and anomalies in a quick time. You can take the necessary steps to rectify the problems and enhance the quality of your campaigns to attract more users.

3.) AI Copywriter 

Lebesgue has a powerful AI-based copywriter to generate ad content for Facebook ads. This built-in tool uses past performance data and LTV to provide optimized and high-converting content for ad campaigns.

4.) Market Intelligence 

This feature provides graphical reports about the market trends in your niche and shows if your strategies are aligned with the best practices. 


5.) LTV for Multiple Factors 

Customer LTV can be filtered using different parameters like product, country, state, marketing channel, discount, and UTM tag. It enables you to get a clear picture of your target audiences.

6.) Ad Account Quality 

The ad account quality feature serves as an auditor that helps you discover critical issues in your campaigns. It also provides actionable insights to fix mistakes and set up ad campaigns correctly to increase conversions.

Lebesgue Customer Reviews


Lebesgue offers three price plans to choose from. The company provides a 30% discount on a yearly subscription. 

Lebesgue Pricing

Basic: $0/ month; full order and revenue history, first vs. repeat orders, data export, email support, weekly email reports, track COGS & advertising costs, automated ad account audit, and daily/weekly/monthly breakdowns 

Advanced: $29/ month; all features of the Basic plan, plus advertising benchmarks, churn & retention, LTV by week, month, quarter, discounts, products, marketing channels, & geolocation, predicted revenue & payback, and 24*7 customer chat and email support 

Ultimate: $79/ month; all features of Advanced plan, plus AI copywriter, 60 days CPM forecast, and track up to 3 competitors 

The basic plan is suitable for startups and small stores/ retailers. The advanced plan is for growing sellers, and the ultimate plan is the best for established stores. It is easy to upgrade the plan based on your business requirements. The company offers a 14-day free trial. 

Pros & Cons 


✓  Easy and user-friendly UI 

✓  Provides complete analytics 

✓ Detailed competitor analytics 

✓ Excellent customer support 

✓ Training and onboarding services 

✓ Third-party integrations 

✓ 14-day free trial


✗ The software can be a little unstable at times 

✗ Cohort analysis is a bit complex 

Cohort Analysis

Final Words 

Don’t let the volatile market conditions and changing customer preferences affect your business. The sooner you identify the gaps in your marketing, the easier it will be to fix the issues. This saves time, money, and resources spent on something a campaign that may not be successful. 

Lebesgue is an ideal solution to stay up-to-date and in control of your marketing efforts. Ensure that your hard work delivers the expected results. Lebesgue is easy to customize and use. The intuitive dashboard provides all features at your fingertips. Make the most of the platform to boost your business and increase profits. Go to the company’s website to schedule a demo.