OpKey:-An Effective Test Automation Platform for Business Enterprises

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Building an ERP/ CRM software application is one thing. Testing it to ensure there are no glitches and errors is another. Not all organizations have in-house QA testers. Some hire third-party service providers to handle the job. What if you can use an automated testing tool instead? 

OpKey is a no-code automated testing platform built exclusively to run high-impact tests for enterprise software. Be it Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, etc., OpKey helps you execute any number of tests on any device. The platform has simplified QA testing while increasing its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Test Automation Platform

Highlights of OpKey 

  • More than 250 enterprises from around the globe use the OpKey platform. 
  • Using the platform results in around a 78% increase in the organization’s efficiency in 2 years. 
  • Businesses recorded about 53% reduction in efforts for test maintenance over a year. 
  • OpKey facilitates up to 65% faster ERP cloud update certifications. 
  • Data security is one of OpKey’s primary focuses, and the platform is GxP compliant, has ISO 27001 certification, and is SOC2 Type 2-compliant. 
  • The platform offers a scripting speed that’s 8 times faster than the industry standard.
  • OpKey supports more than 14 ERPs and uses an artificial intelligence engine (pending patent) to enable automated testing.
  • The platform supports agile, continuous, and DevOps testing and supports multiple browsers, APIs, devices, applications, and technologies.

Features of OpKey – Saas based Test Automation Tool

OpKey is an ERP-aware testing platform that knows what you want from it. It has several features, pre-built models and libraries that simplify the testing process and reduce the testing time without compromising quality. 

1.Action Driven Testing 

You can edit or modify the test using more than 400 keywords to perform different testing actions. Whether it is validation or handling of files, you have enough control over the testing process even though it is automated. 

2.Test Process Orchestrator

All your applications can be viewed at the same place. Create end-to-end integrations on various technologies, tools (like HP UFT, Selenium), and ERPs (like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, etc.) 

3.Real-Time Dashboard and Reports 

Monitor the tests in real-time. Stay up to date and use charts and graphs to compare the results and generate reports for further analysis. The dashboard provides access to everything you need. You can get 3 levels of test reports that can be exported in HTML and PDF formats. 

4.Artificial Intelligence and OpKey 

OpKey believes that artificial intelligence isn’t just a keyword but a deciding factor for any business. The company’s core engine Artificial Test Intelligence is responsible for faster scripting, easy maintenance, and effective testing of applications. The core engine uses NLP (Natural Language Processing), ML (Machine Learning), deep data analytics, and passive learning to simplify the testing process and automate it. 

5.Pre-Built Test Models 

The platform combines pre-built test libraries and models with test data generation and autonomous configuration to cut down the initial scripting time. There is no need to speed your precious time on coding the test platform as everything you want is already provided to you. 

6.Continuous Testing Engine 

The platform’s Smart Intelli-sense engine creates a robust test environment by continuously analyzing the test logs for the best configuration. You can directly integrate testing into the CI/ CD pipeline. This allows you to always find a test that is most suitable for the test data.  

7.Self-Heal Technology 

OpKey uses a special Self-Heal technology that acts as an ERP accelerator to approve and change the test script (when necessary). This lowers down the need for human intervention and speeds up the testing and maintenance process. You can also reuse the test cases as and when required. 

8.Change Impact Analysis 

There is equal focus on deploying the software after thoroughly analyzing how it affects the software ecosystem and how it is affected in return. This allows you to focus more on high-risk components and ensure that they are not impacting the software ecosystem adversely. There is no need to run all tests for every software, and thus save time and release the product faster into the market.  

Advantages of OpKey 

OpKey is a flexible, scalable, and efficient test automation platform that can be used for-

  • Multiple ERP automation 
  • Migrating ERP to the cloud 
  • Autonomous ERP update testing 
  • ERP agile test automation 
  • Automating mobile app testing 
  • Integrating test automation between different system (virtually)
  • End to end testing on multiple channels (set up from a single platform)
  • Test data engine powered by GenRocket to generate data in numerous formats 
  • Data Quality Validation Engine that runs continuously 
  • Big data testing 
  • Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 test data engine for generating real-time synthetic data 
  • Regression test automation with 60% more reliability 
  • Testing legacy application built on mainframes, Java applications, or Citrix receiver
  • Visual validation testing with an editor and keywords to test the applications for various resolutions 

Opkey Pricing and Support 

OpKey offers a 30-day free trial to understand and assess the automated testing platform before you choose the monthly or yearly plans. You will need to sign up to start the free trial. The support team will help you determine the right package based on your enterprise needs. 

The company’s support team online 24*7 and is ever ready to help you use the platform. You can talk to them via email, phone, or live chat. 

Final Conclusion 

OpKey is a cost-effective, efficient, and flexible test automation platform with an AI-based test engine. It can be used by any organization that wants to test its software applications without relying too much on coding or manual testers. Contact OpKey and sign up for the free trial today.