Bautomate Review 2024:- Business Process Automation Software (Updated)

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 Business Process Automation

Cloud-based automation software can streamline business processes to save time, money, and resources. AI-based automation increases business efficiency, productivity, and quality. Bautomate is an intelligent automation software developed using AL, ML, and NLP technologies. It offers a range of services and solutions for business automation.   

We’ll review Bautomate and its features to determine its role in the current global market. Let’s start with a brief list of pros and cons. 

Company Overview 

Bautomate is an intelligent hyper-automation solution developed by Vinga Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Tamil Nadu, India. The company was founded in 2019 by SMI Group to assist clients with recurring business tasks to reduce costs and increase productivity. 

The company has grown over the years and is currently expanding in India, UAE, and Asia Pacific continents. It specializes in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, banking, finance, insurance, and more. Bautomate can be 100% customized to suit the industry specifications and business requirements. 

Bautomate Features 

Bautomate offers several features and services that provide end-to-end solutions to fully automate a business. The following are the most important tools/ components of the Bautomate ecosystem. 

  • BPM (Business Process Management) 

Bautomate offers a low-code drag-and-drop modeler that can be customized to include items necessary for your business. The dashboards can be used by employees without technical knowledge. It lets you create a visual workflow using the existing components. With everything available within Bautomate, there’s no need to choose other software/ service providers. 

  • RPA (Robotics Process Automation) 

It uses robots and BPA (Business Process Automation) to create automated workflows in the enterprise. From monitoring KPIs (key performance indicators) to mapping dataflow and creating connections between different systems, this feature takes care of everything. The customer support team will assist you in choosing the right components to set up RPA in your business. Supply chain, accounting, HR, manufacturing, etc., are covered. 

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) 

Extracting data from physical documents can be stressful and time-consuming for employees. There are many OCR tools in the market, but Bautomate offers a built-in tool that guarantees minimum or no errors in the extraction process. You can even extract data from handwritten documents. The intelligent OCR technology by Bautomate can process structured and unstructured documents. 

  • DMS (Document Management System) 

Bautomate bridges the gap between analog and digital paperwork. It allows you to manage both types of documents through- classification, extraction, validation, tracking, and versioning (so that you can access an older version of a document anytime you want). Furthermore, the process is automated to save time and resources. 

Reasons to Use Bautomate 

✓ Business-friendly and customizable 

✓ Low code and user-friendly platform 

✓ Allows third-party integrations 

✓ Automate and manage workflow 

✓ Document management tools to streamline and reduce paperwork 

✓ NLP (natural language processing) to extract the content (from text and handwritten notes) 

✓ Set up multiple bots to handle individual tasks in each department 

✓ Dynamic and agile workflow and dashboards 

✓ No hidden costs and cost-effective pricing based on business needs

✓ AI-bases validation bots to handle OCR data without errors 

✓ Online and phone-based customer service (fast, reliable, and efficient) 

✓ Suitable for startups and large enterprises 

✓ Multi-layered data security, data encryption, and application security 

Bautomate Pricing 

The company offers four price plans based on the business size and volume. The subscription amounts are not mentioned on the site. 

Bautomate Pricing

Free Plan: (for startups); add up to 2 users and 10 workflows 

Starter Plan: (for small and medium businesses); add up to 10 users and 100+ workflows (includes all features of the free plan) 

Pro Plan: (for all businesses); add up to 25 users and 500+ workflows (includes all features of the Starter plan)

Premium Plan: (for large enterprises); add up to 50 users and 500+ workflows (includes all features of the Pro plan) 

The premium plan also provides exclusive features like access to workflow engine on-premises and cloud, custom process components, custom form elements, advanced connectors for partnership relationship management, bot for invoice validation, a dynamic dashboard, digital signature, extracting content from handwritten notes, etc. 

You can book a free demo session through the company website. 

Pros and Cons 


• Automation bots 

• Managing workflow 

• Generating analytical reports 

• Cognitive content extraction 

• Excellent customer support 

• Easy integration 

• Eliminate paperwork 

• Remote management 

• Streamline accounts and payments 


  • No mobile or desktop support 
  • Client/ user training can be better 

Final Words 

Bautomate is a complete software on its own. There’s no need for additional integrations to more features. Though the software doesn’t offer mobile services, it works seamlessly on the cloud and can be easily integrated with existing business systems. 

SMBs and SMEs have the advantage of scaling the software as the business expands and grows into newer markets. Bautomate is a one-stop solution for businesses from any industry to use artificial intelligence for automation and operational efficiency.