The Microsoft Store starts selling old Lumia Windows phones onces again

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Microsoft Lumia Phones

Microsoft has discontinued the operation of Lumia Windows phones in 2015 after releasing Lumia 650 however they are back.

No, it’s not a prank but yes they are actually back. It’s a great news for Windows Phone sweethearts and they don’t have to wait anymore as the software giant has updated it’s listing on the Microsoft store.

The prices of the smartphones in the store are updated as below:-

  1. Lumia 950 (Price:- $399) 
  2. Lumia 950 XL (Price:- $499)
  3. Lumia 650 (Price:- $199)
  4. Lumia 550 (Price:- $139)

In October 2017 according to TheVerge Microsoft concedes that the Windows Phone is dead but the company gives surprised their fans after releasing the news officially.

One of the business specialists from Microsoft Team has revealed to us and the Lumia phones are available in the store for our fans.

The gossipy  are there in the market that Microsoft needs to offer the cell phone until the point when the units leave a stock

We all know that the Lumia phones are not be there for a long time in the market as the company is working on the Surface brand which is coming in 2018 but the news is not confirmed yet by the officials.

It could be a last opportunity to buy Microsoft Lumia phones for their fans if you are a major devotee of Microsoft Operating system.

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