Kendo Review 2023:- Is it the best tool to find email address? (Updated)

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Kendo Email Finder

Email marketing continues to be one of the most used digital marketing strategies in the market. Almost 90% of marketers use emails as the primary method to identify leads. In fact, 93% of B2B marketers prefer emails to share content and attract clients. In such instances, it becomes necessary for businesses to find new email ids and verify the existing and new email ids regularly.

What businesses want is a simple yet effective tool that finds and verifies email ids on various platforms. 

Kendo is a B2B prospecting email finder tool to help businesses gather new leads. The app can be used to look for email ids based on company name/ domain, reverse search, integration with third-party apps, and more. Kendo can be used as an API extension by large enterprises with a huge database. The best part about Kendo is that it offers 50 free credits per month for every user. 

Reasons to Use Kendo Email Finder

  • Sales and marketing teams already have too many things to handle. Allocating hours to just search for email ids is a waste of time and resources. Using an app like Kendo helps the teams complete the task in a few minutes (and even seconds). 
  • Moreover, there’s no need to spend more money on gathering leads. Simply subscribe to the app (or use the free version if you are a freelancer/ startup) and get unlimited leads whenever you want. 
  • Apps like Kendo deliver bulk results. Once you run a search, you can get any number of email ids as search results. Forget searching for each email id individually.
  • Access to listed emails belonging to a domain is super easy when using an email finder app. You don’t have to worry about violating data security. The apps are developed to be security compliant. 
  • What if you have a large database or need to send the email ids to another software application? There’s where app integrations work the magic. You can easily transfer the email ids from one database to another. 

Benefits of Verifying Email Ids Using Kendo 

Our job doesn’t end with finding email ids. We also need to ensure that the email addresses are valid. The email ids need to be authentic for businesses to get returns from their investment in email marketing. Verifying the mailer list regularly helps you keep it up to date and free from outdated/ unused/ spam ids/ etc. 

Using an email verifier helps increase the accuracy and quality of your database. If your mailer list is of high quality, you’ll get more leads and have a better chance of increasing your clients. Kendo helps you ensure that the ??

Email bounces are calculated as losses as they bring no returns to the business. The cleaner your list, the lesser chances of bounced emails. This will help you maintain the sender reputation of ISPs and avoid getting flagged or blocked.  

Your campaigning insights will be more accurate when you have a freshly updated and verified mailer list. If the click rate is still poor, you know the problem lies with the content/ format and not with email ids. 

What Kendo Offers to Businesses 

LinkedIn Email Finder: The browser extension helps you find email addresses from LinkedIn profiles, along with the name, role, and company details. 

Domain Email Search: Private email ids don’t have to be hard to find. Use Kendo to immediately get a list of emails you want. 

Instagram Email Finder: Kendo can find email ids used to create profiles on Instagram and help you reach out to leads based on hashtags. 

Free Email Verification: Verify the email ids soon as you find them and sort the best from the rest. 

API: Kendo’s REST API is easy to integrate with different third-party apps such as Zapier, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Chrome, etc. 

Kendo Plans and Pricing

All plans include unlimited email verification

Email Finder/Domain SearchSearch upto 600 emails or 300 domain searchSearch upto 1500 emails or 750 domain searchSearch upto 5000 emails or 2500 domain searchSearch upto 10000 emails or 5000 domain search
Additional FeaturesExport to csv with bulk lookupsExport to csv with bulk lookupsExport to csv with bulk lookupsExport to csv with bulk lookups
Team Members Addition3 additional team members5 additional team members10 additional team members10 additional team members
Pricing$14 per month$29 per month$59 per month$99 per month

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Pros and Cons of Using Kendo 


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Great accuracy on LinkedIn 
  • Can even find contact numbers at times
  • No-fuss email finder and verifier 
  • API integration is hassle-free
  • Built-in pop-up feature 


  • No easy way to logout
  • No leads at times 

Kendo Email Finder Best suited for

Marketers, Startups, Agencies, Recruiters, Freelancers, PR-specialists and Entrepreneurs

Kendo Plugin

Kendo Plugin

Final Conclusion 

Email finders are great tools that simplify the process of finding more contacts to reach out and promote the business. It helps save time, money, and effort in manually searching for prospective leads and finding their email ids. 

Use Kendo to create a perfect list of email ids for B2B and B2C marketing. The free version is suitable for freelancers and startup businesses.