CyberHoot Review: The Best Security Awareness Training Program for your Employees

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Security Awareness Training Program

Cybersecurity is a cause of concern for many businesses. Statistics show that cybercrime has increased by 600% during the Covid-19 pandemic. The damage done to businesses due to cyberattacks touched $6 trillion in 2021 and are expected to cost 10.5 Trillion by 2025.

The alarming reports are more than enough to reassess your data governance programs and train employees to be better aware of cybercrimes. Phishing attacks, ransomware, etc., have become so refined that it is hard for filters and employees to detect a cyberattack until it’s too late. Training employees repeatedly can be cost-intensive and stressful.

CyberHoot provides a solution to this problem. The company is one of the leading platforms providing cybersecurity training to employees. It follows an evolutionary approach to helping employees spot and avoid phishing attacks without experiencing the negative experience of traditional deception-based phish testing all while creating strong cybersecurity awareness.

Let’s review the features and services offered by CyberHoot.

CyberHoot Overview

CyberHoot is a US-based company that offers an effective Cybersecurity Training Platform to business owners, employees, stakeholders, partners, and individuals. The company has more than 900 training videos, 200+ Phish campaigns, and over 25 policy templates to create awareness and empower end users. In addition to these built-in libraries, CyberHoot is an open platform allowing you to add your own governance policies and your own training videos and quizzes.

The company’s goal is to prevent employees and individuals from falling prey to cyberattacks. The training and governance programs are automated to increase efficiency and save time. From conducting quizzes to giving assignments, businesses can use the various features of CyberHoot to make their employees more aware of cybercrimes. CyberHoot is an effective solution for preventing increasingly sophisticated attacks from compromising your business

How CyberHoot Stands Out from the Rest

CyberHoot offers exclusive innovations which no other company does. For example, it has Fully Automated Awareness Training and Phish Testing for “Standard” Customers.  This makes it easy for business owners and Managed Service Providers to streamline awareness training programs, ensuring all employees are trained on how to avoid the plague of cyberattacks, while eliminating 90% of the administrative burden of managing the solution.

The company won the American Cyber Awards for being the Start-up of the Year in 2020. It has received High Performer awards from G2 for the summer and fall of 2022. CyberHoot won three awards from Crozdesk for being a trusted vendor, quality choice, and having the happiest users in 2022.

“CyberHoot currently scores 76/100 in the Cyber & Data Security category.”

The company works with businesses and MSPs from all industries. No business or individual is an exception to cyberattacks, and the company ensures that everyone can access the training videos to learn.

Cyberhoot Features and Services

  • Product Training

There are more than 50 product training programs available within CyberHoot. From Salesforce to Microsoft and more, train your employees on the most-used third-party products in the market. 

  • Dark Web Reporting

The details of compromised accounts are shared with your management when credentials or personal information is found on the dark web.

  • Policy Management

Twenty-five (25) cybersecurity governance templates help guide employees on data protection requirements within your cybersecurity program.

  • Automation Process

Training programs can be automated, freeing up your in-house team to work on tasks that really need their attention.

  • Phish Testing

While the platform includes traditional deception-based phish testing capabilities, where it really shines in our opinion is with their new Assignment-based phish testing.  This innovation on phish testing removes the negative experiences of individuals while filling in knowledge gaps on how to spot a phishing attack from six or seven unique angles.  There is a simple guide on How to Set Up Assignment-Based Phishing Test here. 

Watch Video to understand more about Cyberhoot

Cyberhoot Pricing

CyberHoot has three pricing plans + 30 days free trial.

Individual: Free; one user, 6 training videos, dark web monitoring, and optional monthly newsletter.

Business: Starts at $25/month for up to 10 employees; (training employees) unlimited access to videos, Phish testing, dark web monitoring, policy compliance tracking, security maturity surveys, and automated compliance reporting

Partners: Starts at $91/month; (training employees and customers) branded URL, emails, and portal, free use for internal employees, multi-customer tenancy, and all features of the Business Plan.

What We Like

✓ The company provides comprehensive training packages

✓ Easy to use as end users don’t have to login

✓ It is simple, flexible, and great for MSPs

✓ High-quality training videos that are informative yet to the point

✓ An open platform allows for limitless customization, content and automation

✓ The content is regularly updated to include the latest cybersecurity issues

✓ Phish-based assignments to help users detect the slightest hint of a cyberattack 

✓ Dark web monitoring ensures that user information is safe 

What Could be Better

✗ SSO integration would enable automated user management unless you’re using Azure AD which is available in CyberHoot.

✗ Phone support is not available; however, email support was proven to be quick and efficient. 

What do Business Owners say about Cyberhoot?

User Reviews

Final Words 

CyberHoot is a complete package for businesses and MSPs. It was developed by managed service providers to help others in the industry effectively deal with cybercrimes. Creating awareness and safeguarding the clients’ businesses is crucial to tackling the rise in cyber threats and building valuable relationships with your clients and employees. 

CyberHoot is an LMS combined with risk management, security governance, and compliance tools to provide automated solutions for preventing cyberattacks. We have signed up for the training program and love the video presentations. The information is precise, concise, and easy to grasp. The quizzes were great. Our cyber resilience has skyrocketed since enrollment in CyberHoot.