Hodlnaut Review 2023 :- Earn Interest on Your Crypto (Up to 10.5%) (Updated)

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The crypto market has been attracting many people from around the world. Despite the doubts, reservations, and government regulations, cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and momentum. This led to people buying crypto coins even though they are hesitant to trade. 

Several people hold cryptocurrency but do not trade on the exchanges. But the cryptocurrency lies waste in their wallets and is of no use.

Are you one of those?

Do you want to do something with it but are not sure of trading in the volatile market? 

What if you can keep your cryptocurrency with you and still earn something from it? Not sure what we mean?

You know how fixed deposit schemes work in banks, don’t they? Think of applying the same for cryptocurrency. You can earn handsome interest from your crypto holdings without risking them. 

Founded in 2019 by Juntao Zhu and Simon Lee Hodlnaut is a Singapore-based fintech firm that enables you to earn interest from your cryptocurrency. The platform pays you interest every week (yes! Not monthly or semi-annually). The interest rates are calculated based on the market demands and the company’s earnings from the previous month. 

The company tries to keep the rates stable, though we know how volatile the market is. The rates are subject to change, and you can find the latest rates offered by contacting customer care. 

How Does Hodlnaut Work?

Hodlnaut is simple and easy to use. 

Hodlnaut account
  • Complete the KYC process and get your account verified
  • Deposit your crypto assets to your account. There is no deposit fee, no lockup period, or deposit limit 
account overview
  • Start earning compound interest on your crypto assets and get weekly payments in the same currency. 
  • The interest is credited to your wallet every Monday at 5 PM (GMT+8). 
  • Withdraw your deposits anytime (as much as you want)
CurrencyWithdrawal Fee
Bitcoin0.0005 BTC
Dai3 DAI
Ethereum0.005 ETH
Tether3 USDT

The platform currently has more than 5000 users and holds $250 million in assets. It supports the following crypto and stable coins-

  • Bitcoin
  • Dai
  • USD Coin 
  • Tether
  • Ethereum 

Hodlnaut Crypto Interest Rates


Hodlnaut keep interest rate stable but interest rate fluctuate as per the current market rate

CryptocurrencyRate of Interest (APY)

Features of Hodlnaut 

Hodlnaut is recognized and certified by Singapore Fintech Association and Infocomm Media Development Authority. 

  • The interest rates are displayed on the company website for each crypto asset. 
  • You can use the interest calculator on the home page to check how much you’ll earn by depositing your cryptocurrency with Hodlnaut. 
  • You start earning interest the minute you deposit your assets. The process is hassle-free and effortless. 
  • You can swap tokens and manage your portfolio and adjust the balancing holdings from the same platform. Simply choose the token you want to trade, review the quote, and place the order. 
  • There’s no fee for token swaps either. You need to pay a small fee for withdrawal for the company to cover the network costs. 
  • Do you know you can get higher interest with the VIP-fixed term loans? If you lock your cryptocurrency for a month or more, you can get better interest. The minimum deposit for this is 100 BTC or its equivalent. 
  • The company doesn’t accept fiat currencies. It is an exclusive crypto asset-holding platform. 
  • To make sure that the platform is not misused, Hodlnaut doesn’t accept assets from mixing addresses, peer-to-peer, and high-risk exchanges. 
  • It also doesn’t accept assets from gambling sites and darknet marketplaces. 
  • The company values your cryptocurrency and takes measures to provide a safe platform. 

What’s Next?

The company is set to launch its iOS mobile app for Apple users. Cool, isn’t it? 

The company plans to make the platform more secure by providing ITrust integration to purchase custody cover for the assets stored with the platform. 

It also has planned to offer portfolio management services and automate and schedule swaps to save time

Pros and Cons of using Hodlnaut


✓ User friendly platform 

✓ Offer High Interest rates in comparison to the competitors

✓ Secure & Trusted platform (Regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore)

✓ Easy to use

✓ Excellent Customer Service

✓ No Lockup periods

✓ Easy deposit and Fast withdrawl process

✓ Display of your earnings in real time


✘ No android app/ IOS in Beta testing

✘ Limited Cryptocurrencies (BTC, DAI, ETH, USDC and Tether only)

✘ No support on call

Hodlnaut Customer Support

Holdlanut customer support team is available 24/7 on live chat to resolve all your queries. For any kind of questions, you can directly email to team support@hodlnaut.com

Is Hodlnaut Legit & Safe?

Backed by popular names in the industry such as Singapore Management University (SMU), Sparrow, and Fireblocks Hodlnaut is a 100% safe and trustworthy platform to use. Regulated by Singaporean law Hodlnaut is the secured platform that uses various methods such as KYC, SSL encryption, address whitelisting and two factor authentication.

Earn Money from Hodlnaut Referral Program


Refer your friend and earn 10% commission from your friend’s interest if they sign up using your referral link and deposit into the Hodlnaut interest account.

Benefits of using Hodlnaut Referral Program

  1. For each successful referral you will earn 10% commission of your friend’s interest
  2. Weekly payouts
  3. No cap limit for your referrals (Earn money as much as you can)
  4. Check Hodlnaut dashboard to track your referrals

4 Step Easy Process – How Hodlnaut Referral Program works?

#Step 1:- Sign up for the Hodlnaut account & get verified

#Step 2:-  Go to your referral tab and copy your referral link

#Step 3:- Start sharing your referral link

#Step 4:- Track your Referral campaign

Final Conclusion 

Hodlnuat follows a simple process of storing your crypto assets and lending them to trustworthy companies. This generates income, which is shared with you in the form of interest. 

By allowing withdrawals anytime, the company is making sure that your crypto will always be yours. You don’t need to worry about your assets being in someone else’s control. The crypto lovers in our team have already started using the platform and earning interest from their favorite digital currencies.

👉 Go ahead and give it a try.