Best Way To Choose An SSL Certificate [Quiz To Find Out The Best Recommendations]

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t’s a no brainer! With Google labeling all the websites using HTTP encryption as “not secure”, getting SSL and implementing HTTPS on your website is no longer an option. Websites without SSL certification are prone to get pushed down in the search ranking ladders. Hence, if you haven’t already started your SSL journey – you need to buck up!

If you about to switch to HTTPS or are switching up the SSL certificate provider, this article is for you. So, read on!

How SSL Connection Works

If you always wondered how SSL works, this diagram maps how data is transferred through an SSL connection to make it work. 

  1. First, a user accesses an HTTPS website
  2. Then, the user’s browser requests a secure SSL connection from the server
  3. The server then responds with a valid SSL certificate
  4. The secure connection is now established
  5. Data is encrypted and transferred

Why You Need SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is the first line of defense towards cyber-attacks as it ensures:

A. Protection of Sensitive Data 

SSL safeguards your customers’ sensitive data such as Credit Card Numbers and Passwords from being intercepted by a third party.

B. Trust and Security

It makes potential customers more confident to perform online transactions or do business with you.

C. Ranking in Search Engine

Search engines have made it necessary for websites to rank higher in order to showcase search results that are legitimate and safe to their users. 

Things to Know Before Getting an SSL Certificate

How to get an SSL certificate

For a smooth SSL purchase process, you should get the following things ready:

  • A unique website IP address
  • A certificate signing request (CSR)
  • Updated and correct WHOIS record
  • Validation documents for your business/organization

Types of SSL certificate

  1. Domain Validated (DV)
  • Verification – verifies that the applicant is the registrant of the domain
  • Implementation time & costs – takes a few minutes to hours; costs minimal
  • Price range – starts at around $8 per year
  • Ideal for – small websites or blogs

2. Organizational Validated (OV)

  • Verification – verifies the ownership of the domain including full company name and address details
  • Implementation time & costs – might take a few days; costs more than DV
  • Price range – starts at around $25 per year
  • Ideal for – organizations and medium-sized businesses

3. Extended Validated (EV)

  • Verification – requires an extensive validation of the business that turns the address bar to green
  • Implementation time & costs – might take up to weeks; costs the highest
  • Price range – starts at $80 per year
  • Ideal for – websites that conduct financial transactions

4. Certification Levels

Single Domain SSL Certificate

  • Protection – protects one domain name
  • Ideal for – a single website, small to medium businesses

5. Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Protection – protects a single domain and all its sub-domains
  • Ideal for – fast-growing businesses as one certificate takes care of any sub-domain added

6. Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

  • Protection – allows to protect up to 100 domains
  • Ideal for – large businesses that have different entities as it manages and tracks everything using a single certificate

How To Decide On The Best SSL Certificate?

Now that you’ve done a Ph.D. on SSL certification, you should be able to choose the right fit for yourself. Wait…still need some suggestions? Well, we are always here! One of the reliable names that come to my head is SSL Dragon

SSL Dragon

With years of experience with digital security certification, SSL Dragon offers more than 5,000 SSL Certificates in more than 80 countries. Moreover, with more than 30 certificate types, it helps its users with picking the best fit for their needs. 

How? Through a simple quiz called SSL Wizard!

SSL Wizard

Just answer a few questions, and it will showcase the personalized set of recommendations for you. Have a look!

Product Recommendation

Voila! Get to know the best and the top recommendations from experts. We hope we have answered all your queries. If anything is left, this quiz by SSL Dragon will take care of it! Try it out right away!