How this Singapore based start-up is disrupting the Website Building Business

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Standout Digital Website Builder

A website helps you to build your online presence, create a brand and reach your potential customer hence sooner or later you need a website for your business. Nowdays Entrepreneurs and Professionals have no time for coding hence designing a website is a challenging task for them.

While there are many professional web building agencies in the market, their services are way too expensive to guarantee returns on investment. Thankfully, companies like Standout are changing things in the industry by enabling professionals with little or no website building skills to create advanced websites by using their website builder software.

What is Standout Digital Website Builder?

Founded by Vatsa Vishesh in August 2019 Standout is a Singapore based start-up that has grown extremely popular in its three years of existence. The Standout Digital Website Builder is currently used by over five thousand businesses and professionals from over twenty-five countries across the world. 

Creating websites at scale with Standout is super-easy as site builders need not have design or coding skills. In the past, website building used to be a daunting task for small-scale businesses. Professional website developers would charge a lot upfront. Plus, the recurring costs of maintaining the website were far too high. With the Standout website builder, users can create and launch high-quality websites in no time.

Why So Many People are Using Standout across the world?

Standout’s customer base consists of professional agencies, business owners, freelance web developers, digital marketers, and other creative professionals. They use the Standout website builder because it gives them a sense of self-sufficiency. No coding, designing, or technical skills are required to use Standout. New website builders can use Standout’s fast and intuitive User Interface and editing tool to create websites in minutes.

Benefit of using Standout Website Builder

• The user-friendly interface design enables the average person with no technical skills to edit or relocate any website element with simple clicks and mouse drags. They don’t’ need to write a single line of code or deal with File Transfer Protocol to create interesting webpages.

• Standout is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, so it can be accessed at any time from any PC. On this online-based website builder, users can simply log in to their accounts, edit their website, save or directly publish these edits – all while the website is live!

• First-time users who are unfamiliar with the concept of website design can use Standout’s 100+ pre-existing templates. All of these templates are editable. They consist of attractive animations, responsive visuals, etc. Users can simply edit these templates to add design elements that suit their website’s style. Be it a one-page website or a 1000-page website – building websites using Standout is super-easy.

• Website building has never been faster. Builders who use Standout’s pre-designed templates, SEO tools, 1+ million free images, and other business tools can create and publish new websites in minutes.

• Most importantly, Standout’s 24/7 Customer Experience services make the company stand out amongst other website builders. Their live customer support chat is available at all times. Any user having trouble with the website builder can get expert consultation from Standout’s professionals. These experts not only help new builders design innovative and responsive websites, but they also offer guidance on how to scale their businesses using tools like SEO, social media marketing, SEM, etc.

Why Standout is Bad News for the Global Website Building Business?

In the past, people with limited technical skills who wanted to build their own websites only had WordPress, WIX, or content management systems like Joomla to choose from. Even though these platforms don’t require builders to have advanced technical skills, getting used to these interfaces, advanced features, complicated plug-ins, and other design tools took a lot of time.

With Standout, setting up, managing, and maintaining websites is ten times easier. Users can add advanced functionalities to their Standout websites in a much easier way.

More importantly, Standout offers a lifetime license for $149. Compare to WIX ($447/year) or SquareSpace ($480/year), that’s ridiculously inexpensive.

Standout has literally gone from being valued at $1 to $1 million in less than three years. Their workforce is currently present in Singapore, Brazil, Canada, India, and the US, and they’re planning to establish Standout as a key player in the website building software industry. Their intention of becoming the world’s leading Remote Consulting Group in the next five years also looks stronger every day. That’s why the global website building business is wary of this rising giant.

More Details:-

Company Name:- Standout Digital

Founded by:- Vatsa Vishesh

Founded:- 2019

Payment Methods:- Visa/MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Contact:- +6597793574


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Conclusion: Is Standout Website Builder the Right Choice for You?

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Really impressed with Standout fast and impressive editor that help us to build without coding skills. More then 100+ templates are available which are fully responsive and seo friendly.

YES we recommend this awesome website builder without a second thought.

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