LogoAi Makes Designing Logos a Cakewalk – AI Logo Maker Tool

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With the advent of the internet, the digital world has advanced manifold. The rapid expansion of technology has changed the way businesses function today. With more and more organizations shifting to digital means, it has become indispensable to stand out in the constantly competing market. 

A brand logo plays a pivotal role in identifying your business in the crowd. It helps create a lasting impact on your audience’s mind and is capable of speaking a thousand words with just a single image. LogoAi helps you create logos within seconds. In this article, we will review the website and see if it is worth all the hype. 

Keep reading to find out our take on LogoAi. 

What is LogoAi? 

LogoAi is a logo maker website that helps you create attractive logos for your brand with the help of artificial intelligence. It is not only restricted to generating impactful logo designs for your business. It furthermore assists you to create designs for your matching stationery. The website is easy to use and allows you to create logos within seconds. It gives you multiple logo options that you can choose from. In order to download your logo, you will have to purchase a LogoAi membership. Check Logo Ideas & Design Templates

How to Create a Logo at LogoAi? 

With multiple free options available to create logos online, LogoAi sets itself apart because of its facile logo-making process. Here is how you can create your first logo on the website: 

  • You primarily need to sign up by filling in the details as requested in the sign-up form. 
Sign up form
  • Once signed up at the website, now go to the ‘Let’s make a logo’ option available on the home screen. 
  • Next, enter your logo name and slogan (if any). 
Enter logo Name
  • After entering your logo name and slogan, choose an industry. 
Select Industry
  • Next, choose an appropriate color scheme for your logo. 
Choose Color
  • Next, choose a font style that best represents your brand. 
Select Font
  • Wait for a few minutes and the website will fetch you all the logo designs. 
Click on the logo
  • You can edit the logo you like by clicking on the ‘edit’ button. 
  • Purchase the LogoAi membership and download your logo. 

Pricing at LogoAi

LogoAi does not charge any money to get started with the website. However, in order to download a design and use it for business purposes, you are required to buy a membership. Here are the details on pricing at LogoAi: 

LogoAi offers three different pricing packages. 

1. Basic Package: You can buy the basic package at a minimal price of $29 where you can download the logo in 800x600px. It gives you 3 days of unlimited edits and transparent PNG. 

2. Pro Package: The pro package is the most bought package that offers you the best of LogoAi’s services at $59. In this package, you get access to a high-resolution logo, 3 days of unlimited edits, transparent PNG, and Word&PPT templates. 

3. Brand Package: In the brand package, you get all the benefits of a pro package with an additional logo animation and brand center that helps you generate brand assets like business cards and posters. This package is priced at $99. 

Final Take on LogoAi 

There are various logo-making websites available for you to try. However, LogoAi is easy to use and offers exciting services to its customers. It furthermore has an interactive and attractive UI/UX. Creating an appropriate logo design for your brand can be a daunting task and can cost you hefty sums of money. With LogoAi you can get rid of this burden. 

Apart from logo designing, the brand also offers you other services like designing flyers, business cards, posters, etc. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the logos generated, it also provides you with an opportunity to get custom logos for your brand, wherein freelance designers create a personalized logo for your business. 

Overall, LogoAi is a must-try for anyone looking for trendy and creative logo designs for their brand.