UPDF Review: PDF Editing Software Like No Other (20% OFF)

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PDFs are a part of educational and office work. PDF files are the most convenient digital copies to share information securely and retain the original formatting. However, editing and writing a PDF file requires an Adobe account. You may also want to make additional changes to the file, such as converting it to another format. 

We know how stressful Adobe accounts can be. The functions are complicated and confusing. Why not use something easy and comfortable? UPDF is PDF editing software that works on multiple devices and is super cool. Let’s check out the software and its features in detail. 

Key Features and Highlights of UPDF 

UPDF allows users to edit and organize PDF files in a quick time. It comes in free and paid versions. The software can be used on Windows desktop computers, Mac, and mobile phones. Use it at home, work, and on the go, anytime and anywhere. The free download UPDF requires no credit card details or personal information. 

UPDF - PDF Editing Software

UPDF Desktop Features 

  • Edit Text and Image in PDF 

Editing a PDF file has never been this easy. Just open the file with UDPF and make the necessary changes. Remove or add text wherever necessary. Crop the images, adjust their size, and move the images to a new position in the file. Make changes without messing with the original layout and formatting of the file. This feature is available on Windows and Mac devices. 

  • Organize Pages in the PDF File 

Imagine a PDF file with dozens of unorganized pages. It’s a nightmare to arrange them in order. Not anymore. UPDF does the major work. You just have to instruct it to rotate, insert, extract, or reorder the pages in an order of your choice. Moreover, the software lets you add and delete pages in a couple of clicks. 

  • Convert PDF to Other Formats 

You don’t have to use another software or online tool to convert PDF files to other formats. UPDF does it for you. The software currently supports conversions to Text, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, CSV, RTF, image formats (png, jpeg, gif, tiff, & bmp), HTML, XML, and PDF/A. 

UPDF makes format conversions easy and accurate through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. It automates the conversion of files from one format to another with a click. 

Convert PDF to other formats
  • Annotate PDF 

The annotation tools in UPDF let you add comments to the file in three ways- text comment, textbox comment, and text callout method. You can make several edits by underlining the text, highlighting necessary portions, and using strikethrough or squiggly lines. 

In fact, UPDF also lets you add customized stamps, stickers, shapes, designs, etc. Add your signature at the end of the PDF file in three ways. Pick the method that’s most convenient for you! 

  • Share PDF 

Once the PDF file is ready, you can share it directly from the software by creating a link or attaching it to an email. No need to search where you saved the file and upload it to the mail. Perform all actions from the same interface. 

UPDF iOS Features 

UPDF can also be used on smartphones. The software is compatible with Android and iOS devices. While the company is working on developing advanced features for the Android version, the iOS app has much to offer. 

➢ Scan the PDF files from your smartphone. 

➢ Sign on the go so that work doesn’t have to wait or change your plans. 

➢ Compress the PDF files to zip format with a tap. 

➢ Create a new PDF document on your mobile.

➢ View all Microsoft Office formats on the phone by opening them with the UPDF app. There’s no need to buy any other Office subscription to access Word, Excel, or PPT files. 

➢ View audio and video files in the UPDF app. It is not limited to text files alone. 

Pros of Using UDPF 

  • Cheapest price on all platforms 
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fast and efficient 
  • Attractive and modern interface 
  • Reliable and responsive customer service 
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Final Conclusion

UPDF is an efficient tool to read and edit PDF files on various devices. The user-friendliness of the product and cost-effective pricing make it a go-to choice to manage PDF files. It is versatile and provides an array of features for desktop and mobile users. 

Check out the UPDF for Mac and Windows. Our team members swear by it. Working on PDF was never this easy. We heartily recommend UPDF to our readers.

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